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30 Days Summit: A Review

The 30 Days Summit is a program put together by the ClickFunnels company and it’s CEO Russell Brunson. Also called the 30 Days Virtual Summit. The premise of this program is fun and unique. Brunson sent messages to some of his most successful and prolific ClickFunnels users (all millionaires now using funnels). He asked them a question. What would you do over 30 days to save yourself if you lost it all? You have no money, no power, no influence. It’s all gone. What would you do?

30 days summit

I truly believe that Brunson got back more than what he was initially looking for. Instead of getting just good interviews, he got step by step, day by day, week by week plans for how these individuals would rebuild their businesses.

The 30 Days Summit product itself is a collection of 30 free videos. It comes with the option to upgrade for $100 to receive a book, additional videos, and unlimited access to to all of the interviews in the virtual summit. For those who choose to forgo the paid upsell, the videos are set to be released this week, over the course of three days. The videos will only be available during those three days. Then only those who paid for the $100 upsell will be able to access then.

If you choose to pay for the 30 Days Summit $100 upsell, you can also then participate at no additional cost in the “One Funnel Away Challenge.” Here, you will receive coaching to create a customized funnel with the assistance of an experienced coach over the course of the challenge, which also lasts 30 days (beginning in October). Another perk of this summit is one particular to affiliate marketers. ClickFunnels is paying 100% of the $100 commission to its affiliates who refer an upsell.

Needless to say, the ClickFunnels affiliates (and anyone within earshot) has been pumping out content about the 30 Days Summit to try and capture a few of those $100 commissions. I got an email from Brunson’s autoresponder a few days ago telling me that over 30,000 people had signed up for the summit in the first week. 

30 days summit
This is from the affiliate dashboard. 

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30 Days Summit: I decided to buy it and see for myself

At the urging of a friend, I chose to invest the $100 for the summit. Normally I avoid hyped up products and “jumping on the bandwagon.” I came into this completely skeptical, because that’s how I approach everything. When I paid my $100, I didn’t realize that I would get access to the videos immediately. I was looking forward to the book So I really didn’t think too much about the video interviews themselves.

But since I could access the videos right away, I sat down and pressed “play” on the first one. After all, most of the videos are between 20-30 minutes long. What happened next surprised me. I became fascinated by each of the presenters in the videos. They were on camera, not a professional job, but a stream from their homes or offices. They were in their natural state, their natural habitat, their work spaces. Some of them put more attention to getting ready to go on camera than others. Many of these faces I had seen. In their courses, their advertisements, their written materials, their books, webinars, all of the things. Yet here they were, basically in my living room!

And what they had to SAY! I feel like I’m gushing a bit. But I am. I’m about halfway through the videos. But I feel compelled to try and reproduce to you all of the FEELS. Each of these folks talked at length about their situations, and their businesses. It was clear that each presenter had given this project a lot of thought. In a few cases, the 30 day plan they presented was an echo of the business they had just lost. It wasn’t surprising to here Alison J. Prince talk about e-commerce. Not was it surprising to hear Stephen Larsen talk about podcasts. But what they provided in their interviews were tons of tips, tricks, and valuable details for people who don’t have their money or experience.

Trey Lewellen, for example, talked about how he would develop a new business without any money by creating an email list using a giveaway. He described how he would set up by calling individual businesses with large email lists. At the end of the giveaway, he would have money to pay for the item he was giving away. Plus he would have an email list he could then remarket to of potentially thousands of people. It was so simple, uncomplicated. And yet, you could see that it was a real business. It would really work. He’s doing it NOW.

Here’s what the dashboard looks like. 

I’d never thought of it. Most people haven’t.

Then I watched Garrett White’s 30 Days Summit interview. Oh. My. Goodness. His personality practically jumped out of the screen and slapped my face. He took the scenario so seriously! A big part of his plan was dealing with the fact that he’d lost his entire business (huge failure) and how he would overcome that to succeed. What was compelling about this is that many people are coming to the world of online business because they are driven to, either by a failure, or disappointments, regrets, and desperation. White talked about how he would get himself up each day and center himself, and what he would do with and for his family during his 30 day “war” he called it. 

When the video ended, I was so fired up to take action I was running around my house, shadow boxing. Yeah, that happened.

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30 Days Summit: Other Bonuses

I still don’t have the 30 Days Summit book in the mail yet. But I don’t have to wait for the written plans. With the upsell, I already have access to the written plans in PDF form. Another bonus–each of the participants interviewed also provided a screen capture video of their funnels. They walk you through, step-by-step, all of the elements of their money making funnels.

For someone who is totally new to the world of online business or marketing, it is incredibly valuable to see the inside world. Conceptually, it can be so difficult to know exactly what to do, when to do, and how to do it to make a successful funnel. So now what I have is unlimited access to 30 how-to videos that I can use, abuse, review, and model for my own business opportunities. 

I haven’t finished all of the 30 Days Summit videos yet, but there’s no question that I will watch them all, including the behind the scenes funnel videos. 

In total for my $100 bucks, I have 30 instructional interviews that are at least 20 minutes long (many are longer than that), another 30 videos going through funnels, 30 written plans to starting a business in 30 days (from nothing), and this One-Funnel-Away-Challenge, which I haven’t quite investigated yet. 

For my $100, I feel pretty good right now about my investment. 

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My final parting thoughts about starting an online business.

I tell everyone who will listen that they should read DotCom Secrets. This is an incredibly affordable resource packed with a ton of value. 

If you are looking to start an online business, feel free to hop on over to our Sales and Marketing Resources page to get your hands on some really affordable resources (free or very cheap).

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