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Affiliate Marketing Ends Fundraising Woes

Calling all coaches, parents, clubs, and athletes who are tired of selling crappy products no one wants to buy to fund equipment and travel! This is important. Affiliate marketing is your solution.

Like online entrepreneurs, charities, non-profits and sports teams are turning to affiliate marketing to create valuable, long lasting passive income streams with a fraction of the time and effort.

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Today, I got a message from a colleague whose child was selling ads for a coupon book for his basketball team. As an affiliate marketer, I look at all of that energy. All of that effort. For what? To sell a stick of jerky? A poinsettia? A product that is only sort-of useful to the recipient, and a sale that only sort of provides the cash the team is looking for? Why not use technology, take advantage of the assets of the online marketplace, and create a legitimate income stream for their club or team?

It’s called affiliate marketing. Let me explain.

Software companies across the internet utilize a team of informal contractors to sell their products. The members of this sales team are not employees. They just want a cut of the sale. This is no different than taking jerky or magazine subscriptions door-to-door. The only thing different is the product.

The reason these informal contractors go to bat to market these products is that payout. If you market and sell a CD or tablecloth for a website like Amazon or Best Buy, you get a small percentage of the sale (just a few percent).

A lot of work for little payout.

But in the software developer space, those percentages are huge, sometimes as much as 100% of the sale…

But in the software developer space, those percentages are huge. Sometimes the commission is as much as 100% of the sale. This can be done if the developer has other products that customers will be exposed to after they fall in love with the initial product. However, here’s where it gets even better. Many of these software solutions are monthly subscriptions. And many of the affiliate marketing programs offer that high percentage, paid out every month, for the length of time the customer is using the product.

For example…an affiliate marketer signs up to market a lead generation product that sells for $300/month, with the promise that he’ll get 40% of any sales. He sells one package, and he gets paid $120 from the developer. Then, if the product is a subscription, he gets paid $120/month, as long as the customer is still using the product.

When a player sells just ONE of these products that is a $300/month product, in 12 months he’ll bring in $1,440. How many sticks of jerky would you need to sell to earn your team $1400?

But get this! If that customer loves the product, and keeps using it, that same athlete who sold ONE $300/month subscription continues to earn that 40% commission for the team. And, if the customer uses the product for five years, then that same team continues to collect that commission. One affiliate marketing sale could earn the team thousands of dollars.

But why aren’t teams doing this?

But why aren’t teams doing this? Is there a reason why young people and their parents couldn’t or shouldn’t sell a legitimate business product to people out in the world who actually use it?

People just don’t know that affiliate marketing it is an option. Further, I think a lot of people are intimidated by the tech space. 

It sounds hard. Software sounds complicated. I don’t know how to sell it. 

Kids know technology. Young people use technology like they breath. It comes naturally to them.

So let’s just say you were interested in finding a technology product to take a look at. What would you look for?

Here’s a few things:

1. Technology that you understand and could explain.

The coaches, kids, and parents need some training about the product. Luckily, YouTube exists. And any reputable company is going to provide access to training videos to help affiliates understand their product and to sell it.

2. Technology that lots of people could use.

It is pretty hard to sell a really obscure, hard to use program that only a few people in the country would understand or ever choose to use.

3. A large, reputable company with lots of cash.

I don’t recommend going directly to a one-man or one-woman show for an affiliate marketing product for a team. If you are going to go through all of the effort, you want to make sure that the developer is someone who will be able to afford to pay his or her affiliates. The best way is to work with an established company that you can find out about on the internet, and has someone you can call and talk to.

4. A high commission percentage.

If you are looking to go with Amazon and earn 2-4%, that still might be easier than selling jerky door-to-door. But there are better options and the best bang for your buck is something with a high percentage, at least 25%. 

5. Lifetime commissions earnings.

This is a huge carrot. If you spend hours to make one sale, the benefit should be huge. The recurring payments is really what makes affiliate marketing for charities, non-profits and teams a really amazing option. Once a GOOD sale is made (not to just someone’s grandparents doing the team a favor), then the team can sit back and take the payments for the length of the contract. One good sale could mean YEARS of income to the team for equipment, vehicle maintenance, airfare, you name it.

6. Commissions on EVERYTHING the customer purchases.

Lifetime commissions are harder to find, but there are some companies that will agree to pay you commissions for everything that is purchased by your customer. This is something that is unique to the software space. Once their product is developed, it doesn’t cost them any more to deliver it to a customer. So they really can give these commissions where the seller of a physical product (with smaller margins) could not afford to do so.

7. Lots of product options.

This is also important. If you want to have the option to earn sales on EVERYTHING, there needs to be other products for your customer to buy. Lots of support products, informational products, up-sells. 

You might be asking, how do I find a product like this?

  1. Search the internet.
  2. You can head over to JVZoo is a marketplace that connects developers with customers, and also with affiliates. People who want to sell products go there. People who want to buy products go there. People who want to sell other people’s products go there. They use PayPal and have a good reputation. You have to evaluate each product and commission structure. JVZoo has some good general training for affiliates, but it does lack really significant product training.
  3. Go over and check out ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is the rapidly growing juggernaut brought to life by mogul-entrepreneur Russell Brunson, who started his first business while he was a wrestler in college. The SAAS (software as a service) is an easy to use online platform which helps business owners make money, by giving them the tools to make sales without the requirement of expensive tech firms.

ClickFunnels is an ideal product for a non-profit fundraiser. 

ClickFunnels is an ideal product for a non-profit, charity or team to choose to promote, and here are the reasons why:

  1. High commissions. (40%)
  2. Lifetime commissions. As long as my customer is paying, I am earning each month. 
  3. Commissions on everything, ever. So if in five years, my customer buys something, I get another commission.
  4. Secondary commissions. If I get a sale (meaning someone buys ClickFunnels) and then my customer refers someone, I get 5% of that sale. (more money without any effort by me)
  5. Big profitable company, not a one-man shop.
  6. Lots of products to sell that are being sold for high dollar values, making my 40% of something a really BIG something.
  7. The product is made to be used by everyone, not tech specialists. It is easy to learn, and easy to understand.
  8. ClickFunnels has a great affiliate training program that is free to go through.

You ask, how would this work?

Here’s how it could work, if you were to use a company like ClickFunnels, step-by-step:

  1. A point person (let’s call her “Point”) establishes an affiliate account with ClickFunnels, by registering their email address with the company. There’s no charge to create an affiliate account.
  2. Point goes through the ClickFunnels training to get a better idea of what ClickFunnels is. 
  3. Point signs up for the 14-Day free trial of ClickFunnels to test the software, but cancels it before the trial is over. Point just needs to learn about the product and what the team is selling.
  4. Point organizes a training for the sales force. The training can be as simple as showing YouTube videos, or videos from the affiliate training.
  5. Point provides the “affiliate links” to the sales team, that are connected to the team affiliate account. Technically, each team member could have their own affiliate account. All this would do is change where the payments were to go. 
  6. The team goes out and tries to get business owners and other members of the public to use the links to review and purchase products. What is great about marketing a software product is that the sales don’t have to be local. An Uncle in Michigan could purchase the product and use it. Contrast this with local advertisements! Further, it is easy to make the sale. All that needs to be sent is the link to click to track the sale, that is it. 
  7. Point collects the money from ClickFunnels (this is a major benefit). Kids have no cash, no way to lose money or have money stolen. The funds are transferred directly from ClickFunnels to the account holder. Everything down to the penny can be calculated.
  8. After 30 days passes, money earned starts to get paid out. Team or team members sit back and collect. 

Your team could get a car out of the deal…


And get this–if 100 subscriptions to ClickFunnels are sold by one account (and not separate team member accounts), ClickFunnels will pay $500/month towards a vehicle for the account owner. If 200 subscriptions are sold (and active), ClickFunnels will pay $1000/month. This could mean a truck for equipment, a van to transport the team….

Click Here to Find out how to Earn the Car!

And even better, if those subscriptions stay active, the money keeps rolling in. Want to know more about affiliate marketing or online sales? CLICK HERE to check out some really affordable (and excellent) resources to get started. 

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