Affiliate Marketing Tools For Beginners

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we talk about link tracking, an incredibly important skill (and tool) affiliate marketers need to know about. Because of the affordability, training and support, and quality, we recommend Clickmagick for link tracking as one of our top recommended affiliate marketing tools for beginners.

affiliate marketing tools for beginners

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First, what is link tracking?

Link tracking (aka click tracking, url tracking, it has lots of names), is the practice of monitoring the activity of your links. Who or what is clicking on your links? What happens after your link is clicked? Does a sale result from the click? Etc, etc.

Where do affiliates use link tracking?

Affiliates and other digital marketers use special links to keep an eye on their traffic. If you don’t know what traffic is, “traffic” is what we call the flow of people to, away, and through websites. Eyeballs on the screens and fingers on the keys. 

Affiliates put these special links in emails, sales funnels, websites, and advertisements. 

What does this special link tell you?

If one of those links gets clicked, the affiliate is able to monitor stats about the click. The affiliate knows whether whatever clicked on the link was a human or a bot (fake clicks). You’ll know if it was a “unique” click or someone who had already clicked on the link.

The affiliate knows then if the traffic is “good” or not. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers out there. Since you aren’t dealing face to face, it is difficult to know who or what you are dealing with. You often make business decisions and payments for services based upon faith.

Sometimes people take advantage of the situation, and send you fake traffic.

A link tracking or click tracking system shows you who or what is hitting your links. You’ll know right away whether the quality of traffic was good or not. If the traffic was bad, you’ll have the data to show to the vendor to use to demand a refund.

Without a link tracking solution, you are in the dark. And likely losing money. 

Link Tracking Solutions

affiliate marketing tools for beginners

There are tons of link tracking options. However, the service we recommend is ClickMagick. These are the reasons we recommend ClickMagick, especially for new affiliates:

  • Clickmagick offers TONS of high quality training articles and videos. These resources are amazing for people who are just getting started and are completely new to affiliate marketing and link tracking. Here’s their free click tracking guide, for example.
  • The Clickmagick platform is very affordable for beginners. Get a high quality link tracking system starting at just $12/month.
  • They offer a 14-day free trial. Use the program for 14 days, and if it doesn’t do all that you need, you cancel. 
  • High quality product: Clickmagick gets it done. Get started with it right away, and start using your tracking links within minutes of signing up. The data is high quality, and if you ask around, many of the top affiliates are using this platform. 
  • Affiliate program. Sign up for Clickmagick and at the same time, join their affiliate program and earn back the cost of using their system. 

Click Here to find out more about Clickmagick. Start your 14-day free trial and learn to use the tools the pros are using. 

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