Automated Copywriting Software

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we talk about Funnel Scripts, our favorite automated copywriting software of 2018. 

automated copywriting software

Visit the Funnel Scripts order page to check out costs and features.

What is this automated copywriting software called Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a automated software that can create tons of scripts you might use in your online and offline businesses. Some of the automated products Funnel Scripts creates include:

  • Video sales letter scripts
  • Email scripts
  • Headlines
  • Call-to-action (CTA) copy
  • Ad copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Scripts for lead capture
  • Webinar scripts and slides
  • Webinar optin scripts
automated copywriting software

Visit the Funnel Scripts order page to check out costs and features.

How does Funnel Scripts work?

Funnel Scripts is a software that operates with an interview. You sit down with your computer and the interview wizard, and answer questions. The wizard gathers the input data.

These interviews can last anywhere between a few minutes to 45 minutes, depending upon what you are wanting to create (simple headline versus entire webinar).

automated copywriting software
This is a screen shot of Funnel Scripts in action, from the free Funnel Scripts product demo webinar. Click here to register for this webinar. 

Once you are finished, submit the data. Within seconds, your copy is ready for you to review. The script is completely accessible and edit-able. You can save the answers to the interview, and then generate more products from the same answers.

For example, if you are working to sell an online course, you answer questions for your headlines and call-to-action scripts. Next you’ll need headlines and copy for your lead capture funnels. And other advertisements. Then emails. 

Point and click.

Visit the Funnel Scripts order page to check out costs and features.

What does Funnel Scripts cost?

As of October 2018, Funnel Scripts costs $497. This price was increased in 2019 to $797.

Your payment gets you the following:

  • Access to Funnel Scripts for 12 months
  • A 30 day money back guarantee
  • Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Star, Story, Solution Wizard
  • Fast Funnel Templates (plug and play funnels)
  • Script blueprints (showing you which scripts go where)
  • Regular live trainings where members have the ability to ask questions and get information they need
automated copywriting software
Here’s an inside screenshot from the Funnel Scripts product demo webinar. Click here to watch it and learn more about Funnel Scripts. 

It is expected that the price of Funnel Scripts will increase over time, and in the near future. When the product launched, it sold at $297/year.

Jim Edwards, creator of Funnel Scripts, has been frantically and frenetically adding scripts and products to Funnel Scripts. He is also producing regular training videos and materials for Funnel Scripts members. The value that members receive from their subscription is increasing, and the price of the product is justifiably going to increase as well.

Visit the Funnel Scripts order page to check out costs and features.

You can get a deal on Funnel Scripts…

Funnel Scripts does come bonus in the Funnel Builder Secrets suite. Along with Funnel Scripts, Funnel Builder Secrets packages offer discounted membership to ClickFunnels, training to build an online business, funnels, drive traffic, and more.

automated copywriting software

Is there a Funnel Scripts free trial?

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no option to trial Funnel Scripts. However, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you try the product and feel like the investment of $497 was not worth it, request the return of the product and your money.

You can try out the Funnel Scripts concept for free…

You cannot try the program for free. But if you are curious how a software program could possibly take in your answers to questions and spit out a usable product, you should try the free Amazing Headline Script Generator.

automated copywriting software
Need a headline? This generator will create one for you in seconds for free!

This is a no-frills Funnel Scripts carrot, which Edwards has made available to potential users. This show you how Funnel Scripts works, and what it can do. This headline generator takes in your information, just like Funnel Scripts, and produces headline for you at no cost.

Try it out! It’s fun to see what you can create. 

How can I learn more about Funnel Scripts?

We recommend that you attend the Funnel Scripts product demo webinar. Creator Jim Edwards, ClickFunnels CEO Russell Brunson, and online entrepreneur Liz Benny sit down and provide tons of information about the product. They also go through a screen capture product demo, using information from Benny’s Kapow course. You’ll see exactly how the product works, watch in real time what the product can create, and then make decisions about whether this is a product for you.

Click Here to register for the Funnel Scripts webinar to see a demo of this automated copywriting software. 

Visit the Funnel Scripts order page to check out costs and features.

In full disclosure…

You should know… The scripts need to be reviewed after production, before you implement and launch them. The software takes in your inputs as you write them. You have to review to make sure that the verbs are correct and the words make sense as you wrote them. In most cases, this review will take a fraction of the time it would have taken to write the actual scripts.

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