best affiliate marketing bonus 2018

Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018

Hands down, the Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018 Award goes to ClickFunnels’ Dream Car Program.

Their schtick is simple. You want a sports car in your garage? Get 100 people signed up with ClickFunnels, and get $500/month for your dream car. Once you have 200 people signed up, get $1000/month for your dream car. There’s no cash out option. So there’s no excuse for not spending every single penny of that $1000/month on the most amazing car you can get your hands on.

This sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It isn’t, and that’s what makes their program unique and the best one around. So far, over 50 people have qualified for the cars, and more people win their dream cars every week.

Reason #1 ClickFunnels wins the Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018 Award: A great product you can actually sell.

It must be hard to sell their product, right? That’s why ClickFunnels needs to offer a dream car as incentive.


While ClickFunnels has thousands of dollars of up sells once a customer enrolls, their base product is only $97. The quality of the product is high and can easily be used to generate thousands of dollars of legit income for the customer. This affiliate program isn’t peddling diet pills or get-rich quick schemes. It’s is a real product, for real businesses and entrepreneurs. Real people use it, and it is nothing anyone would feel ashamed to be a part of.

One of the main reasons ClickFunnels gets the Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018 Award is that ClickFunnels makes it as easy as possible for affiliates to promote their products. They offer to let new customers use ClickFunnels for free. This makes the product easier to promote. They give you email swipes, banners, and ads. You promote their free webinars (and earn if the customer converts months later). There is tons of content already around the internet, on their blogs, and their YouTube channels to use in your promotions.

Influencers have gotten in…

Several online influencers are jumping into the ClickFunnels program. They are doing it  simply because they can. It is fun to watch them racing each other to see who can achieve the car with their already established audience. (Kevin David is a recent influencer who comes to mind who did it a few weeks). For the rest of us non-famous mortals, the process to earn the car generally takes 3-6 months with diligent attention and time.

best affiliate marketing bonus 2018
How about this one?

Reason #2 ClickFunnels wins the Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018 Award: You can make a lot of money. 

Lots of companies do a car bonus. This isn’t a new thing. 

The car isn’t the ONLY reason this is a great affiliate program. In fact, it is far down the list of reasons. The fact is, ClickFunnels affiliate commissions are among the most lucrative in the affiliate marketing space.

40% Commissions

ClickFunnels offers you 40% of all purchases of your customer, for life. So if your customer orders DotCom Secrets (a free book offered by CEO Russell Brunson), and then later purchases ClickFunnels, you get the commission for the book and the software. Some of their products are sold for thousands of dollars, giving you room to run and earn high ticket commissions.

Commissions for Life.

If the customer remains with ClickFunnels for the rest of his life, you get 40% of his $97/month subscription. This continues as long as both you and he are still alive.

Let’s see how that plays out for five years. $38 * 12 months * five years= $2280.

For ONE subscriber.

And, since most users end up upgrading to the full suite ($297/month), you could be looking at $118/month *12 months * 5 years=$7080.

Not only that, if your customer buys in two years or five years, you get that commission.

best affiliate marketing bonus 2018

Sticky Cookies

ClickFunnels wants you to get those commissions. They want their affiliates to be motivated. Let’s say you drive a customer to the ClickFunnels site using your affiliate link. The customer does not buy. No worries! The cookie does not expire. It is “sticky.” This is the exact opposite of what happens when you promote for Amazon. With Amazon, your customer has 24 hours to buy. If something is bought outside of that window, even if it is the product you promoted, you get nothing. Look–Amazon wants to make the most money possible. They don’t want to pay you those commissions, but they want the sales. This is why their window is so short.

In sales, we all know that customers generally need to hear about the product. They need to see the product. They need to do both multiple times before they decide to buy. Often they will use your affiliate link to go to the product, and then later just google the product to return to it. Sometimes the customer knows he is being sold. He wants to get around you and directly to the product. In most cases, you caused the sale but you can’t earn on the sale. Not so with ClickFunnels.

Second Tier Affiliate Program

You get 40% of what your referrals pay. In addition to that, if any of your referred customers join the affiliate program (and most of them do), you get 5% of what their affiliates refer. What I like about this is that you can focus on recruiting influencers and people with big groups. If you land a successful influencers, she makes bank, and you get a piece of it.

In the Affiliate Boot Camp (the free ClickFunnels training program for its affiliates), CEO Russell Brunson talks about his “Dream 100.” Brunson has a list of his Dream 100 affiliates. He tries to persuade each one to promote his product. You would only have to convince one of your Dream 100 to make thousands of dollars.

Reason #3 ClickFunnels wins the Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018 Award: It is free to join and get started.

Here is yet another reason why ClickFunnels wins the Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018 Award. There is no cost to become a ClickFunnels affiliate. While many affiliates love the product after they learn about it, and find that it makes all of their affiliate marketing efforts easier across the board (I think Clickbank affiliates, for example, will find it useful), it is not required. All you need to do is create a free affiliate account with ClickFunnels and you’ll be ready to go.

best affiliate marketing bonus 2018

Another great benefit to becoming a ClickFunnels affiliate is that they immediate start training you. As soon as you sign up to be an affiliate, they start sending you videos and materials to help get you started. Since there is no cost to sign up, there is no risk to watching and learning. Their Affiliate Boot Camp (which is nicknamed the “How To Retire in 100 Days Training”) which retails at $1,000, is provided to their affiliates for free. The videos explain how the affiliate program words, how the product works, and how to market it (or anything else). There are several videos dedicated to Facebook Ads, for example, and that information can be utilized in your affiliate marketing business regardless of the product you are promoting.

People LOVE it…

Another reason ClickFunnels gets the Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018 Award is that the people who have gotten into (or fallen into) the community are RABID about it. Compare to the ClickBank community. Generally you go and surf ClickBank for products, and then market them on your own, trying to outdo your competitor affiliates who are doing the same thing.

If you join the ClickFunnels community, you’ll see that people do the exactly opposite. Everything, starting at the top from the ClickFunnels CEO Russell Brunson, is about sharing and providing value to the community. For example Brunson goes live on camera every Friday for what he calls “Funnel Fridays.” People can subscribe at no cost to have access to his show every Friday, where he selects one subscriber and builds out the funnel they want, live on camera. For everyone watching, it is a chance to watch the program is action, at the hands of the person who brought it to life. And, for the one subscriber who gets picked, it is the chance to get what would cost every other customer thousands of dollars.

CLICK HERE to get Free Access to Funnel Fridays. 

Frankly, I think anyone doing affiliate marketing could benefit from the ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp. It is a free training, packed with tons of golden useful nuggets. All of us doing affiliate marketing need to keep our skills sharp, and it doesn’t have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to get that training. 

CLICK HERE to get access to the Free ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

best affiliate marketing bonus 2018
Or this one? It would look good in anyone’s driveway…

Reason #4 ClickFunnels wins the Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018 Award: You don’t have to understand or use the product to make money as an affiliate.

You don’t have to know anything about tech to be a successful ClickFunnels affiliate. They have several other products, such as books, webinar, copy writing, that can be promoted. While these products aren’t going to qualify you for the Dream Car immediately, each one of the products is calculated to draw the customer along until they are convinced that a ClickFunnels subscription is for them. As the promoter, you make money when they buy the book. And because ClickFunnels offers lifetime commissions of your customers, you’ll make commissions on EVERYTHING your customer purchases after they buy the simple book for a couple of dollars in shipping costs.

Another reason ClickFunnels gets the Best Affiliate Marketing Bonus 2018 Award–you can avoid all of the ClickFunnels products altogether, and focus on just one thing. This Dream Car contest. Yes, you can just simply get people signed up to get the dream car. Very frequently, when people get enrolled in the Dream Car program, they will learn about the benefits of the software for their business and decide to become subscribers. And then you, as the referring affiliate, will get the commission for their sign-up and be one more person closer to the Dream Car.

It is certainly more exciting to be talking to people about putting a Corvette in their garage than convincing that same person that they need some green tea extract to get rid of their muffin top. 

What is ClickFunnels anyway?

ClickFunnels is a web-based software that lets you design, develop and launch end-to-end sales funnels with ease. If you want to see inside the product, check out this YouTube video walkthrough:

Business owners for years have been struggling with setting up old outdated websites which sit there idle waiting for their customers to come see; struggling to generate traffic, let alone sales. Meanwhile, a select handful of business owners have caught up with the times and have realized that a business needs more than a website. A business needs a high converting sales funnel which can bring people to a page on demand, take them through a series of steps and sell the prospect on the products or service.

Want to test drive the ClickFunnels product? CLICK HERE for your Free Trial. Please note–when you sign up, they ask for your email address, and for your credit card number. Nothing is charged to the card during the trial, and you can cancel anytime before the 14 days is over. ClickFunnels even sends you a reminder email to the address you signed up with so that you won’t roll into a subscription on accident. Their goal isn’t to accidentally make you a customer; their goal is to serve you and make you want to be a customer for life. 

What do you think? Are you interested in finding out more?

CLICK HERE to get all the details about the ClickFunnels affiliate program and get on the road to getting your dream car.

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