Best Link Tracking Solution: Clickmagick Review

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we are talking about ClickMagick, our recommended best link tracking solution for your sales funnels and sales pages.

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What is link tracking?

First of all, what exactly is link tracking? Link tracking is sometimes called “click tracking” but is not exactly the same thing. Click tracking is actually the practice of using software to watch where people click on your website. Do they click on specific images, videos, headlines, links, and text more than others? If you are looking for this solution, search for “heat maps” or “heat mapping software.”

Link tracking is the practice of collecting data on who (or what) clicks on your links. In many cases, once that link is clicked, those who track links will also gather data on what happens after. Conversion or not? 

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Why do I need link tracking?

A huge percentage of the web traffic out there is fake. Fake traffic can have a huge impact upon your stats, your split tests, and your profits. 

And most people don’t realize just how many bots there really are out there. If you’ve never monitored the links you posted to Facebook, YouTube, or your blog, then you’ve never realize how quickly the bots hit it after posting the link.

The bot could be one with a legitimate purpose. For example, it is fairly common for giants like Facebook to reach out whenever you post a link to make sure the link is not malicious or push Facebook customers to banned content. 

In the case of doing business online, bots can really throw a wrench into your process. They screw up your numbers. Without some specialized help, it is almost impossible to tell who or what is clicking on your links.

If you aren’t using a tracking software, you end up paying for bot clicks (fake traffic). Period. And you won’t even realize that it is happening. 

How do I set up tracking links?

There are several free and paid options to set up links to gather data. You can use the free Pretty Links wordpress plugin, for example. This is a popular solution for those who want to clean up their ugly affiliate links, and get an idea of how many people are clicking. This is an alternative to using bitly or tinyurl, because you can use a good looking domain that you already own to create the link.

While Pretty Links is awesome for getting your links clean (and pretty), you don’t get a lot of information. The free version of Pretty Links doesn’t distinguish between good and bad traffic on your links. You might think you are getting lots of clicks, when you are in fact getting hit with tons of bots or even fraudulent traffic. Having a high quality link tracking software solution in place is vital if you are sending paid traffic to links. 

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What is Clickmagick?

Clickmagick is an online SAAS (software as a service). There is nothing to download, and you can access your account from any kind of device. 

With Clickmagick, you can set up links using the ClickMagick domain, or utilize a domain you already own, just like Pretty Links. Once you set up your link, you can copy and paste the link wherever you want to gather data. This is especially important if you are using affiliate links in your paid advertising, such as with Bing Ads.

The awesome thing is that Clickmagick was created specially to address the issue of bots. The company claims to have over a dozen different monitoring systems that monitor and analyze the detail of each and every click that comes through their system.

Examples of What I Could Use ClickMagick For…

Here is a list of how you would use your Clickmagick account if you are just getting started online:

  • Create clean looking links for your affiliate offers
  • Track how many people (or bots) are clicking your link
  • Analyze where your links are coming from
  • Figure out whether your traffic is high or low quality
  • Determine whether you’ve got bots hitting your links
  • Hide the fact that your link is an affiliate or tracking link
  • Direct link your affiliate offers in pay-per-click platforms (not all, but some)
  • Track the click rate once your emails have been opened in your email marketing
  • Track how far customers get in your funnel
  • Collect data on the clicks versus conversions
  • Determine your actual ROI (return on investment)
  • Use sub-IDs in your links to confirm where your clicks are coming from
  • Split test your landing pages/offers (you can set up one link and rotate where the customer lands to see what works the best)
  • more…

There are so many features to Clickmagick that we haven’t even gotten to use all of them yet. There are tools for popups, postback urls, IP tools, tracking pixels, and more. 

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Why use Clickmagick instead of one of the free options?

We have tried out more than one option for link tracking. As a beginner, free link cloakers like Pretty Links, bitly and others are good options. But as you get more sophisticated, you find that you do need a higher quality tool with more features. You need more data, especially as you start investing your money in paid traffic. 

These other free link cloakers just simply fail to deliver on the issue of providing data regarding the quality of the traffic. The free version of Pretty Links, for example, won’t tell you what percentage of your link clicks are bots. It is pretty clear to me that my Pretty Link links are getting hit by bots a lot, as the page linked fails to load as often as the link tally seems to suggest.

Clickmagick is a high quality tool that offers a ton of high quality training to new users. They also offer what they call “fanatical” 24-hour support. We have found that the training videos, articles and FAQ to be some of the best support and training that we’ve seen across the board in tools. This is a very professional company with a very professional and high quality tool. It is easy enough to use that a beginner would not get overwhelmed, and sophisticated enough that an advanced user would get all the value they needed out of it.

If you want to see an example of the information they provide to their users, you can check out their free click/link tracking guide for people who are just getting started with link tracking. 

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What does Clickmagick cost?

There are many options for Clickmagick, based upon your usage of it, such as how many clicks you need to track per month.

best link tracking

You can get a really basic plan (with up to 10,000 clicks per month) for $12/month, paid annually. There is a plan for $33/month (100,000 clicks per month) and then a plan for $66/month, which is 1,000,000 clicks per month.

If you want to pay monthly, the same plans are $17, $47 and $97, respectively.

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Get Your Clickmagick Account Paid For With Their Affiliate Program

Struggling with the idea of paying the costs of a Clickmagick account? Thinking that you’ll just make due with the free options, even though they are limited and don’t give you what you need? Clickmagick has a great affiliate program. Unlike some affiliate programs where you get paid a small percentage ONCE, with Clickmagick, you get a commission each and every time the customer referred pays, for as long as they remain a customer.

The commission rate is 35%. Compare that to Amazon, for example, where you could make 10%, or 3%, or even down to 1.5% for a one-time transaction. With Clickmagick, you make 35% of every payment your customer pays for the life of their account with Clickmagick.

With this program, you really only need to refer a few people a year to pay for your entire account. Depending upon your account (and the one your referral chooses), you might even need to only refer one person.

Also, know that there is NO extensive application process to become a Clickmagick affiliate. Every Clickmagick customer with an account can get almost-instantly approved to be an affiliate.

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