best price for clickfunnels

Best Price For ClickFunnels

Update Update: This post about the best price for Clickfunnels is now even more out of date than it was before. In September of 2019, Russell announced some really huge changes to the ClickFunnels platform. Stay turned for more information, or check out this update article summarizing those changes here:

Update: This post about the Funnels Hacks System is outdated. Funnel Hacks has been replaced by another package, which offers customers more value: You can read about it here: Funnel Builder Secrets

Looking for the best price for ClickFunnels? You can do better than the basic prices ($97/month for the basic suite and $297/month for the full suite). If you dig a little more, you can actually get a ton for a lot less with the Funnel Hacks System. 

If you are convinced you are going to sign up with ClickFunnels (or start your 14-Day trial), before you buy you should take a look at the Funnel Hacks System. Here’s what you get:

  1. Six months of the full ClickFunnels Suite (normally a $297/month value)
  2. Six week Funnel Hacks Masterclass training
  3. Instant Traffic Hacks training
  4. Inception Secrets (copy and paste scripts for funnels)
  5. SOAP and Seinfeld Email sequences

All of this comes with a one-time payment of $997. 

Click Here to Learn More About The Funnel Hacks System

What about the bonuses? What are they worth? Are they worth it?

We can argue all day long about the actual value of the Funnel Hacks Masterclass, the Instant Traffic Hacks training, the Inception Secrets and the email sequences. ClickFunnels argues that these add-ons are worth thousands of dollars. 

best price for clickfunnels

They might be. But let’s not argue about whether those values are arbitrary. I care less about the add-ons and more about getting the best price for ClickFunnels. 

Instead, let’s look at the numbers. The math doesn’t lie. You can sign up for the full ClickFunnels suite at $297 for six months and pay $1782, and not get any of the bonuses. Or you can sign up for six months of the full suite WITH all the bonuses, and pay only $997. That brings the monthly price of the full suite down from $297 to $166. 

Funnel Hacks gets you the best price for ClickFunnels

Consequently, it is pretty easy to see that if you are planning on purchasing the full suite, getting the Funnel Hacks System is a no-brainer. I would argue that this is the best price for ClickFunnels. 

Click Here to Learn More About The Funnel Hacks System

The argument is not as clear if you are planning on getting the basic suite ($97/month). Six months of the basic suite is only $582. However, you must remember that the basic suite does not come with an autoresponder, so you have to add another $120-$180 for six months of an autoresponder. Thus, the minimum for six months of ClickFunnels basic suite (plus independent autoresponder) will cost you $702. 

You can see now how it is that ClickFunnels makes so much money. They create incredibly attractive offers! You can get the full suite at a discount, PLUS you get tons of bonuses that could be really awesome. If the bonuses aren’t awesome, you still get the full suite for close to half price, and then you can always downgrade to the basic suite at any time.

Or, you find yourself STARING at the bottom line between the basic setup and the Funnel Hacks system. It’s a $295 difference. Without ANY bonuses. Are you starting to feel like $295 isn’t that much money? This is a classic irresistible offer and makes it the best price for ClickFunnels. 

Funnel Hacks out of your price range? How about $19/month?

In closing…

If you want to learn more about ClickFunnels and the Funnel Hacks System, there’s a free webinar that you can get access to. You’ll get to hear and see Russell talk about his business, ClickFunnels and the Funnel Hacks System (and the upsells/bonuses). 

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If you are considering ClickFunnels but you aren’t quite sure whether you are ready to get started, I’d suggest that you consider starting smaller, with Brunson’s DotCom Secrets. This is a book he is selling for only the cost of shipping. Click Here to read my review of DotCom Secrets


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