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Can’t Think Of Any Business Ideas

I can’t think of any business ideas.  Is this you? I’ve been there. I get it. I’ve got something that could help.

I’m currently four videos into a 30 video package called the 30 Days Virtual Summit. This is currently a free resource, put together by Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels. Brunson sent emails to a ton of successful online entrepreneurs, and he asked them what they would do for 30 days to save themselves, if they had lost everything. The answers that came back turned out to be incredibly powerful!

can't think of any business ideas

As I said, I am only 4 videos in to the 30 day pack. I watched videos by Garrett White, Liz Benny, Trey Lewellen and Stephen Larsen. Each of these individuals is incredibly successful. But what I love about the videos is how much of their passion and energy and fire came through the screen.

(You know, I almost didn’t get the videos. I am in a Facebook group with a ton of people who were marketing them (the videos have a $100 upsell for affiliate marketers, so for every sale you make, you get 100% of the $100 upsell, which is $100 in your pocket). There is a huge buzz about them because of the 100% commission, and everyone is trying to get everyone to buy them.)

Click Here to Register for the Free 30 Days Virtual Summit

Keep in mind that this was all BEFORE the videos came out.

I ignored the hype, and didn’t buy in (also ignoring the 100% commission). But a friend came to me (someone I trust and look up to) and said that he was going to get the videos. He’d seen the line-up of presenters, and thought that there would be a lot of value in the videos. 

When he said that, I shrugged off my reticence about going with the crowd, and I registered the the summit. 

Holy cow.

I’m so glad that my friend talked me into it. As I said, I’ve watched the first handful of videos so far. You should have seen me after I watched Garrett White’s video! I was running around the house, punching the air. I was so fired up, I had so much energy, and I had so many IDEAS! (It’s true, you can come to my closed Facebook group and watch the video). 

If you are googling, “can’t think of any business ideas,” then you have to go and start watching those videos. Now my main problem is that I have so many ideas I don’t even know where to start. 

Don’t sit at home, lost and without ideas. Get these videos on your computer now. You won’t be sorry. 

Click Here to Register for the Free 30 Days Virtual Summit

Still can’t think of any business ideas?

I think that everyone who is just beginning an online business venture should purchase DotCom Secrets. This is a free plus shipping offer, and you’ll find yourself buying copies for your business partners. 

If you are looking to start a business, or you can’t think of any business ideas, feel free to hop on over to our Sales and Marketing Resources page to get access to some really affordable resources (free or very cheap).

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