Click Funnels Book: All Your Faves

Looking for the Click Funnels Book (or books)? Guess what!?!? There is more than one! In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we provide you with a listing of the ClickFunnels books currently available to purchase, so that you can find the book you are looking for.

Dotcom Secrets: our favorite Click Funnels book

click funnels book
This is a screen shot of the DotCom Secrets order page.

The Dotcom Secrets book is one that is probably the most well known of the ClickFunnels books. In this best-seller, Russell Brunson breaks down how he approaches business, from the very beginning. This is a very valuable manual for anyone just getting started in business. Most of us are jumping into business backwards. We start with our product or service that we want to sell. Brunson flips this on its head, and shows you, step by step, how he brings a product to market. 

You can get this book from Amazon for about $12 plus shipping if you don’t have Prime. Or you can get it from Brunson himself, at a cost of about $8 (free book, pay only shipping), and get access to several free training videos done by Brunson himself.

If you are interested in the Dotcom Secrets audiobook, you can only get it through Brunson’s website. Amazon does not carry it. 

Click here to get Dotcom Secrets for only $8.

Click here to read our recent review of DotCom Secrets.

Expert Secrets

click funnels book
This is a screen shot of the Expert Secrets order page.

Expert Secrets is not quite as well known as Dotcom Secrets. Expert Secrets is a manual for anyone looking to enter the expert market. The key to Expert Secrets is that ANYONE can be an “expert.” Everyone knows something. And they know it better than anyone else. Mundane things. Special things. The reasons most of us don’t make money off of our expertise are that we don’t believe what we know is valuable, and if we do, we don’t know how to package and market it. Brunson takes care of both of these issues in Expert Secrets.

You can get this book from Amazon for about $13-$14 plus shipping. Or you can get this from Brunson, at the cost of about $8 (free book, pay only shipping), and get access to free training videos.

If you want the Expert Secrets audiobook, you have to get it through Brunson’s site. Amazon doesn’t carry it. 

Click Here to get your free plus shipping copy of Expert Secrets.

Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

click funnels book
This is a screenshot of the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook order page.

The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook is a spiral bound manual with step-by-step instructions to build funnels. This book is an easily to follow guide for those looking to incorporate funnels into their business. 

The concept is that each funnel is like a recipe. Anyone can bake a cake, if they use the right ingredients, mix them up in the right order, and cook the batter at the right temperature. The same is true with funnels. Anyone can launch a successful funnel with the right ingredients, mix, and temperature. 

This is a very visual and graphics heavy book. Those who like to SEE what they are working with rather than read about it will get the most out of this manual. 

How to Get the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook

The physical book is currently selling for about $20 from ClickFunnels. It is a “free plus shipping” offer. Without arguing about why this book costs $20 to ship, we’ll just accept that the price is $20. As always, when you buy anything from ClickFunnels, you’ll get tons of additional value for your purchase is the form of additional materials and training. 

You can also get it from Amazon for $20 (without bonuses). I checked the listing for it, and it doesn’t appear that the book is coming from the publisher (ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson), but instead someone who wants it to appear as though the book is being sold by Russell Brunson. 

Another way to get the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook is to start your free trial of ClickFunnels. Historically, ClickFunnels has offered the cookbook as a digital download to new subscribers (though that can change at any time). 

EDIT: I found an option to get the digital version of the Cookbook for free. I think this is a great value, because you also get the video series that goes with the PDF after you submit your email to get the book, and those videos are awesomely valuable. 

Click Here to get your free PDF of the Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook.

Marketing Secrets Blackbook

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Here’s the Marketing Secrets Blackbook order page.

The Marketing Secrets Blackbook is a free sales and marketing ebook. This is available for instant download. It contains 99 of Russell Brunson’s sales and marketing tips/tricks/golden nuggets. These 99 nuggets were collected from 99 of Brunson’s podcast episodes, and crunched into 99 essays. 

When you request the free ebook by submitting your email address, as a bonus you will get a copy of the Marketing Secrets Binge Guide

Click Here to get your free Marketing Secrets Blackbook ebook. 

Software Secrets

click funnels book
The registration page for the Software Secrets webinar.

Software Secrets is a DIY software development manual. This is a book for non-tech business folks who want to develop and launch their own apps or software with the goal of creating monthly recurring income or passive income. 

The Software Secrets book is promoted with a free webinar that we recommend you watch before making a purchase. The replay has a ton of great info about software development. 

The book itself costs $17, and it only available through the Software Secrets website. Before you get it, check out that webinar!

108 Split Test Winners. SImple Tweaks You Can Make to Your Website, so You Can Make More Money Now

click funnels book

108 Split Test Winners is a manual about making small tweaks to your business to increase conversions and profitability. In this book, Brunson goes through and explains what happened when he made small changes to his funnels, like using “buy now” versus “free trial.” Essentially, this is a book of case studies, where Brunson explains the changes he made to his funnels and the outcomes of the changes on his businesses.

For example, in 108 Split Tests, Brunson explains explains:

  • when to show your order form
  • what “bridge” should you show before your video sales letter
  • how to use price increases and price drops
  • and more….

108 Split Test Winners is a free book (bonus) when you sign up for Funnel U. You cannot purchase it on Amazon or other site. 

When you sign up for Funnel U (aka Funnel University), you also get:

  • Funnel University Newsletter
  • NEW Funnel Stacking Book
  • Funnel-U Black Card and handouts
  • Labs Software Suite (survey generator, webinar chat app and more…)
  • CF Pro Tools Software Suite
  • and more…

Funnel U is a monthly or yearly subscription, which you can start with a free trial. One great thing about Funnel U…they send you a giant box of goodies when you start the free trial. If you choose to cancel, you get to keep the freebies. 

Click Here to find out more about 10 Split Test Winners and Funnel U. 

Wrap Up

Check back for more Russell Brunson books. When the 30 Days book is available for sale, we’ll post a link here. 

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***Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click-through and make a purchase.

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