ClickFunnels 19 Plan

DATE: Clickfunnels has announced some major changes to its platform in September of 2019. I have created an up date article summarizing those changes here:

In this article on Better Sales Funnels, we will be talking about the “ClickFunnels 19 Plan.

clickfunnels 19 plan

If you have heard of the ClickFunnels $19 Plan, you are one of few people. ClickFunnels does not advertise this plan, and the only way to learn about it is through surfing the internet, or lurking in Facebook groups that talk about ClickFunnels. 

Generally, ClickFunnels costs $97/month for the standard suite and $297/month for the Etison Suite (which comes with the autoresponder and affiliate program). 

But you can get ClickFunnels for only $19/month. 

Here’s a quick video that runs down the various ways to get discounts on ClickFunnels:

What features are available for the ClickFunnels 19 Plan?

The basic suite of ClickFunnels gets you tons of features. You can create funnels, sales pages, add pages, delete pages, keep up to 20 funnels in your account, have up to 100 pages. You have all the functionality, minus Actionetics and Backpack.

The $19 plan allows you THREE funnels only. The functionality with these funnels is also limited. You cannot add or delete pages. You cannot create your own new funnels. The only way you can put funnels into your account is to get the funnel from someone else, using a “sharefunnel link.”

When you click on a sharefunnel link, the link takes you to your ClickFunnel account, and loads the funnel right up into your funnels area. Once it has uploaded, you can get right in and access it within seconds.

If you don’t have an account yet, ClickFunnels will ask you to set up your account, and you can select the $19 option. 

How do I find a sharefunnel?

It isn’t actually that hard to find sharefunnels. The key is finding the ones that you want, that will work for you. Since you can’t add or delete pages, you’ll want to make sure that they are set up pretty close to how you want them. 

One thing you can do is start with a basic sharefunnel (I’m going to share a few below for free). You can upload them, start your account, and then learn about how they work and what they contain. Then you can do one of a couple of things once you know more about what you are doing.

You can do some google searches for sharefunnels. Or you can have someone create your funnel, step by step, and then have them share it with you. Generally, people are going to charge for this, anywhere from $50-$1000. Or more. 

Free Sharefunnels to get you started…

Upload and tour the Best Selling Book Funnel in minutes. 

clickfunnels 19 plan
This is the best-selling book funnel, the exact one Russell Brunson uses to sell DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets (and his upsells)

In Closing…

If you are thinking about ClickFunnels but you aren’t quite sure whether you are ready to get started, I’d suggest that you start smaller, with Brunson’s valuable book DotCom Secrets. This is a resource he is selling for only the cost of shipping. Click Here to read my review of DotCom Secrets.


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