ClickFunnels 37 plan

DATE: Clickfunnels has announced some major changes to its platform in September of 2019. I have created an up date article summarizing those changes here:

In today’s article from Better Sales Funnels, we are talking about the “ClickFunnels 37 Plan.

clickfunnels 37 plan

Did you know you could get ClickFunnels for only $37 month? If you knew about this already, count yourself in the lucky few. The ClickFunnels company does not actively publicize this option. 

Generally, ClickFunnels costs $97/month for the standard suite and $297/month for the Etison Suite (which comes with the autoresponder and affiliate program). 

But you can get ClickFunnels for only $37/month.

Here’s a quick video that runs down the various ways to get discounts on ClickFunnels:

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How do I find the $37/month plan?

This is not advertised. The ONLY way to get this option is to start a ClickFunnels account, either a free trial or paid options. Once the trial has ended, instead of selecting the $97 option or $297 option, you choose to CANCEL your account.

When you try to cancel your account (which you can do anytime without penalty), ClickFunnels will immediately offer you incentives to stay. And that is when the $37/month plan is offered. When you cancel, you will be offered the $37/month for five funnels, or $67/month for ten funnels. (Or $9/month to hold your account on pause). 

As of writing, there is no other way to get these plans. Also, we cannot guarantee that those plans will still be available in the future. There is always the possibility that ClickFunnels will make these offers more visible to try and sign up more customers. 

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What features are available for the ClickFunnels 37 Plan?

When you sign up for the basic suite of ClickFunnels, you receive access to all of the basic features.  You have the ability to create funnels, sales pages, add pages, delete pages, keep up to 20 funnels in your account, have up to 100 pages. You have all the functionality, minus Actionetics and Backpack.

The $37/month plan allows you access to the primary features, but you can only have FIVE funnels only. Generally, the functionality with these funnels is not limited (unlike the $19/month plan).

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Just a second, a $19/month plan?

In the $19/month plan, you cannot add or delete pages, or create your own new funnels. If you want funnels or pages in your account, you have to find a funnel that someone else built and upload it to your own, using a “sharefunnel link.”

When you click on a sharefunnel link, the link takes you to your ClickFunnel account, and loads the funnel right up into your funnels area. Once it has uploaded, you can get right in and access it within seconds.

If  you want more information on the $19/month plan, CLICK Here. In this post, you will learn more about this discount option and get access to free funnels for your account.

You can also check out this video where I walk you through my Four Day Training and Resources funnel. Click Here to Upload this funnel into your account.

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In Closing…

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