ClickFunnels Review 2019: More Changes Coming

Wow, there have been a lot of changes with Clickfunnels that we need to cover in this 2019 Clickfunnels Review/Update. In September of 2019, Russell Brunson went live on Facebook and dropped bombs on the ClickFunnels community.

As a result, tons of my content is no longer up to date (dang-it Russell!!).

In this article, I am laying out what Clickfunnels looks like right now, so you can see what has changed and what’s staying the same. Frankly, this article is just as much for my benefit as yours, as I am still working through what the changes are and what they mean as well.

First of all, Clickfunnels isn’t going anywhere, and neither is Russell

In the run up to Russell’s Facebook live presentation, there was a ton of buzz about what the announcement was going to be. If you have been around the CF community in the last year, you would have seen a ton of efforts by Clickfunnels to clean up house. The affiliate program got new TOS, and there was an effort to clean house of unproductive affiliates.

Given that the changes appeared to be driven by the lawyers, the buzz assumed that the company was being sold, or maybe selling a large interest. Turns out, not the case.

There were also rumors that Russell was going to step down, or sell out of the company. Also not the case.

I do think that CF is planning on making some acquisitions or mergers in the future, so a clean up does make sense. But there don’t appear to be plans to sell the company or for Russell to retire.

So what is happening to Clickfunnels in 2019 and 2020?

In his Facebook live, Russell was really candid about the state of the CF software and features. As I have said before on this site and on my youtube channel, I think that the CF idea and software is really awesome, and people can do great things with it. This is why I am an affiliate and promote the product (and use it on occasion when I need it).

From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

But the company has clearly been going through a period of growing pains. The company is only 5 years old, and already has close to 100,000 users of its product. As you can imagine, there had to be a period of scrambling, given that CF has continued to launch new features (and other products) constantly. (Actionetics and Backpack anyone?)

The company has struggled to provide support to all of its customers for all of its features. The state of CF support is no secret, but I’ve never felt that was a reason not to use the product, given that answers to just about any questions you can imagine is and has been available in the CF community through its Facebook group.

But the sorry state of support is less of a symptom of the support team and more of a symptom of where the company is at with its products. And Russell acknowledged this candidly. Essentially, he agreed that it was a mistake to add Actionetics and Backpack to their line-up (along with tons of other features) because it made it very difficult to provide the best quality service to its users for the funnel builder.

And the company’s need to provide the highest quality service to its users is (and rightly so) the catalyst for the changes we are going to talk about below.

Promise #1: Clickfunnels Support Improvements

Clickfunnels is doubling down to improve the support situation. This has one of the biggest complaints about users in the past year, so with all of these changes we are also getting some pretty serious promises that Clickfunnels is going to improve that state of its support problems. With fewer less than awesome products to support, CF should have an easier time responding to the needs of its users. Further, if third party providers are responsible for providing services, those complaints can be lodged with another provider with resources to assist.

From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

Further, CF is also adding an option to provide support if you are an experienced user of CF. You can actually get paid for responding to support tickets, which could be cool if the service is good. (Not so good for the user if the services is not so good).

Promise #2: Clickfunnels Funnel Builder Get Full Attention of CF Developers

Clickfunnels is at heart, a sales funnel builder. Users can quickly create and launch funnels incorporating tons of various aspects needed in online business, such as automations, follow ups, collect payments, deliver content, etc.

The main Clickfunnels funnel builder/editor is going to remain. As I understand it, CF is going to pour more resources into making this the best funnel builder you can get on the market, including providing the best support possible for its customers who are using it.

Frankly, I think this is critical to the continued growth and success of CF.

ClickFunnels Backpack Is Going Away

Backpack is the Clickfunnels affiliate tracking feature. People who have funnels within Clickfunnels could quickly add on an affiliate program to the funnel, so that all affiliates could get their very own affiliate accounts/links to promote the funnel, all in one place.

From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

The reviews of Backpack have been mixed, so it is not surprised to see that Backpack is one of the features that Clickfunnels is retiring Backpack. There is no plans for a replacement feature as far as I can tell for Backpack. CF is going to continue to provide access to Backpack to individuals who are currently using it, but no new users will have the option to use it, and will need to incorporate a third party affiliate provider for funnels.

And while CF is not going to remove the feature from current users, it is quietly encouraging users to find another affiliate provider service to incorporate. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see in the near future that CF cuts off this feature even to people who want to continue using it just so they don’t have to expend resources supporting it.

ClickFunnels Pricing Changes

In all of the shakeup, people are wondering how the pricing situation is changing. At it’s core, there isn’t much that is changing with the Clickfunnels pricing situation. Before the change, there was a Basic $97 plan, and then the upgraded Etison Suite plan for $297.

These plans still exist, but the Etison Suite is being re-named and will henceforth be called the “Platinum” plan. I think this is a good move, considering that premium plan branding was always a little scattered. There are some changes for what you’ll receive in the Platinum plan, which we’ll talk about as we go on and I’ll summarize at the end of this article.

ClickFunnels Discounts GONE

In a surprise move, to the disappointment of many, the “secret” Clickfunnels discounts have been discontinued. This includes the $19/month sharefunnel plan. (BOOOO)

How this worked was a Clickfunnels user could create a funnel, and then share the template of that funnel with a non-user. If that non-user clicked on the funnel template link, and then started an account to get access to that template, they could get that funnel template and use it for only $19/month, assuming they accepted other aspects of the limited plan.

This $19 plan was a really great option to introduce users to the CF ecosystem, though corporate called it more of a retention feature to try and keep users who tried the full system and weren’t ready to continue with it.

For many reason, CF cut off the $19 plan basically effective immediately, so any projects in progress that didn’t convert are no longer an option. To my knowledge, anyone who was on an existing $19 plan get to continue.

You can still share funnels with others, but the new user will come in on the $97/month plan at minimum.

CF also had a $37 plan and $67/plan, only offered when users tried to cancel their full price plans. I do not have any knowledge that these plans are still being offered at this time. I think we’ll have to watch in the next 12 months to see what kind of retention plans CF launches to try and keep customers from leaving the system.

I think the reason CF did this was that it was just too hard to service all of these customers who were coming in at $19/month. It was never intended as a front end product, but over time its popularity grew and that it what it became.

ClickFunnels Actionetics is Changing

Clickfunnels Actionetics is changing, but it remains to be seen exactly how much. First of all, the name is the first change. Instead of “Actionetics” this feature will be called “FollowUp Funnels.”

From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

Historically, people have thought of Actionetics (now FollowUp Funnels) as an autoresponder. But that’s not exactly correct. This feature of ClickFunnels incorporates the entirely of the follow up sequences in your funnel. That includes automated emails, social messaging, even push notifications. All of this has been incorporated into Actionetics without having to sign up for other third party services (such as Mailchimp, Manychat, etc). We do know that users with Actionetics still had to sign up for an SMTP like Sendgrid (that was recommended), but otherwise not much else was required.

While it sounds like Actionetics/FollowUp Funnels intends to continue after these changes as it always has, I would not be surprised in the future if the features of this did change. For example, I would not be surprised to see that CF either partners with or acquires a third-party autoresponder to replace its only product, and a third party messenger bot product.

The reason it would not surprise me is that Russell talked about how hard it has been to make ALL of his products the best in the market. While he has been able to launch product features that did the job, they just didn’t match the level of the industry leaders.

The turn to focus on the funnel builder means that they will likely be looking for high quality partners to provide the other features that CF has been unable to provide at the best possible quality of service.

As I do my research around the internet, I have found some conflicting information about what features of Actionetics will continue as FollowUp Funnels. As this point, it is hard to tell exactly what is sunsetting and what is continuing, so we’ll just need to stay tuned.

FunnelFlix: What is it?

FunnelFlix is one of the new features that got launched with this massive overhaul and state of the union. CF has sporadically provided free access to funnel building courses to users (remember Funnel Builder Secrets Lite and access to Traffic Secrets?)

From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

For Clickfunnels users, you’ll now get access to a tons of content that CF has previously only provided to members of Russell’s inner circle (costs $25k to join a year last I heard).

There are two levels of access that we can see so far. At the Basic level, you’ll get access to some of the FunnelFlix courses, and at the Platinum Level, you get full access to it.

In FunnelFlix, you’ll find high quality training that would otherwise cost thousands if you bought it all separately. Included you’ll find:

  • The full version of Funnel Builder Secrets, which has previously been sold for thousands of dollars
  • The One Funnel Away Challenge Videos
  • Funnel University
  • High Ticket Secrets
  • 10x Secrets
  • Traffic Secrets
  • Offermind products from Steve Larson
  • Product Secrets
  • Outsource Force
  • Personal Development from Tony Robbins
  • Warrior’s Way content from Garrett J. White
  • AdSkills
  • Copyrighting from Agora Financial

And a whole lot more, it appears, is coming soon for Platinum users.

But again, what I do like is that a lot of content is being provided to the Basic users as well, including the 30 Day Challenge, Affiliate Bootcamp, Funnel Builder Secrets, Adskills, and the Tony Robbins content.

Why FunnelFlix?

FunnelFlix seems to be a calculated effort to try a new way to retain users. People come in to Clickfunnels often needing a lot of information. After all, not only do you need to learn how to build funnels, but you also need to learn how to run an online business.

From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

In many cases, people turn to outside sources to get that information, maybe to their detriment, or maybe in a way that draws them away from the core CF product. Or maybe they just never get started and launch their business.

By offering what looks like hundreds of hours of content, users will find more value in their CF monthly subscription (not having to go out and buy other $997 courses), and they will find it harder to cancel their subscriptions, as they won’t want to lose access to these courses.

Best of all is that current CF Platinum/premium users don’t have to pay any extra for it, and the content has already been delivered to users who have the premium plan.

Also (somewhat hilariously), the FunnelFlix site is designed to look a bit like the Netflix site , with a black background, video thumbnails, swipe to the right or left to view more content (hence the “flix” in the name).

Funnel Hacker Forum

Clickfunnels intends to add a new forum for paid Clickfunnels users (actually, the forum is LIVE already). The Facebook group for Clickfunnels is available to anyone who wants to join. They don’t have to be a current CF user. As a result, when people post questions about using the software, there are often a lot of really unhelpful responses which often seriously impairs people’s progress.

From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

People (myself included) feel inhibited about posting in the Clickfunnels main group, because we don’t want to be called out for asking stupid questions.

To solve that, CF is setting up a separate forum for paid users, which I personally think is a great idea. I also like the idea that the forum is off of Facebook, so that FB has less control over the posts and content.

Virtual Hack-a-Thons

There are going to be daily trainings offered to help you learn how to build one of the core funnels CF offers, such as high ticket funnels, webinar funnels, lead funnels, etc.

From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

The training is intended to be hands-on rather than sit back and watch, passive. The idea is that you’ll jump on and create your funnel while following the live training, with the option to stop and ask questions of the trainer, in real time, as you are building and finding yourself struggling.

If you want to build a particular funnel, then get into the session with the coach and get your funnel built.

It is expected that the hack-a-thons will begin in October 2019.

These trainings have been offered for a long time, but only to the inner circle ($25k to enter).

Oh yeah, the Affiliate Program

Yep, the affiliate program still exists. In the past few months, CF cleaned out affiliates who had never made any sales at all with the company, and killed the second tier option for new affiliates. There were some changes in the tiers (dropping some affiliates down to 20% or 30% of sales until certain thresholds are met). The Dream Car program is still in effect, which is still a great carrot.

The affiliate training was FINALLY updated, something that needed to have been done a long time ago. The training is still free, though you might feel like you have to spend money on it to get it because of the big push at the beginning to purchase the One Funnel Away Challenge.

If you want to check out the revamped affiliate training: here’s the link:

Clickfunnels New (and Free) Affiliate Bootcamp Training

And if you want to check out the One Funnel Away Challenge, you should. I did it the first month it launched in 2018 (along with the 30 days challenge promo). It’s got a lot of good information and training for people who really want to launch their first online business. It costs $100, but they send you a book and a bunch of other materials and then invite you to participate in 30 days worth of daily training. CF has to take a loss on it, but I think they are okay with it because many of the people who do One Funnel Away become Clickfunnels users. You don’t have to be a CF user to do the training, lots of people go on to use other Funnel Builders to participate in the training.

One Funnel Away Challenge Training

Alright, that was a lot of information, summarize it for me…

ClickFunnels Basic Review

The Clickfunnels Basic Plan is staying pretty much the same, except that Basic plan users will now get access to SOME, but not all, of the FunnelFlix content. It still costs $97/month.

Clickfunnels Platinum Review

Clickfunnels Actionetics is getting a makeover. It is now called Clickfunnels Platinum, and still costs $297/month. Backpack is going away, and the features of Actionetics are now being called FollowUp Funnels. Some of the previous functionality of Actionetics is going to change, but it remains to be seen exactly how much.

In addition to follow up funnels, Platinum users will get access to:

  • The entire FunnelFlix library
  • Funnel Hacker Forum
  • Daily hack-a-thons
From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

Bye-Bye Discounts

The $19/month sharefunnel plan is gone, boom, not an option anymore, though if you have it now you can keep it. The $37/$67 plans aren’t being talked about but I think its safe to say that they can’t be counted on either.

Best Way To Get Discounts on Clickfunnels

If you are still obsessed with finding a way to get deals on the Clickfunnels products, the best way would be to look to the Funnel Builder Secrets Package.

If you go with the 6 month of the Funnel Builder Secrets package, you get Clickfunnels Platinum which costs $1782 for 6 months, and then Funnel Scripts for 12 months (which costs close to $800), plus a bunch of other stuff that’s cool, but really matters less to me than the Platinum plan and Funnel Scripts.

Frankly, I think that Funnel Scripts as an option will make all the difference in these packages, because now that FunnelFlix is an option, people are not going to be swayed quite as much by the “training” part of these big packages as maybe they would have before, without some sort of steep discount on the software.

If you go for the 12 month package, you get 12 months of Clickfunnels Platinum, which would otherwise cost $3500, and Funnel Scripts which costs about $800.

Thus, if you are serious about Clickfunnels, it does make sense to look at these packages to save yourself some money. I don’t recommend that you dump three grand though on one of these packages unless you are sure that you are ready to really get down and get to work on building your business.

Is this all there is?

Nope. Russell stated in his message that they is expecting more major updates to come, to be announced early next year.

From Russell’s live announcement in September 2019

This is when I expect to learn about the strategic partnerships (meaning acquisitions) by Clickfunnels. This should be an exciting thing for current or potential users, as acquisitions could mean access to some really cool and high quality tools for our online businesses.

Is now a good time to try Clickfunnels?

If you are fine with some change coming in the future, and you have a good reason to sign up (like you want to build your online business), then YES. CF is committed 100% to improving the experiences of its customers, and I expect things to only get better from here.

But if you are looking at CF as an easy way to make money, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Further, if you aren’t sure what you would want to do with CF, though you like the idea of starting an online business with it, then you would be better off waiting until you had a more solid idea of what you intended to do. In fact, the One Funnel Away challenge would be a way better place for you, because you would have time and help to develop that business idea and plan (daily training, coaching, opportunities to ask questions and GET HELP).

Here’s the link to the One Funnel Away Challenge.

Wait a second…I just had a thought

I just remembered that the One Funnel Away Challenge videos are available in the FunnelFlix library. So how about this little hack….you could sign up for the free trial of Clickfunnels to get access to One Funnel Away for free. That might actually be the ultimate way to go if you are low on cash but you really want to get access to this training to jump start your online business.

If you are ready…..

Then here’s the link to get your free 14-day trial of Clickfunnels: Clickfunnels free for 14-days.

Note: when you start a CF trial, you don’t get the option of trialing the Basic plan. Instead, you’ll be pushed to the Platinum plan, and then you’ll decide at the end of the 14 days whether you want to downgrade or continue with Platinum.

Frankly, if I didn’t have access to either (or plans to build a business) I’d be tempted to do the 14-day trial just to get access to the full FunnelFlix library for free for 14 days. There is tons of value in there.

In fact, I am just going to go out on a limb and recommend that you do the 14 Day Trial just to watch FunnelFlix for free for 14 days.

Yes, I’m an affiliate of Clickfunnels.

Before you click away from this article, with the thoughts of “of course this person recommends getting the free trial, this person is an affiliate of CF!”

Just know that it doesn’t matter to me one way or another if you get Clickfunnels. I am a Clickfunnels affiliate because I believe in the company and in the product, even though I don’t think it is perfect. I don’t think the Clickfunnels product is right for everyone, and I can think of a lot of people that SHOULD NOT buy into it.

I don’t make the bulk of my monthly income from Clickfunnels commissions (I actually make most of my money online through Google Adsense display advertising).

I do make money if you decide to try Clickfunnels after clicking on one of my links and like it enough to buy it.

But I wouldn’t recommend that you do the 14 day trial to get access to FunnelFlix for free unless I really thought it was valuable. Russell Brunson sells these courses for thousands of dollars, and to get access to them for 14 days is quite extraordinary, in my opinion.

Which I do.

Wrap Up

Man, my hands are tired from typing up this gigantic post! I’ll probably all be obsolete when Russell releases his next bombshell in January. But as for now, this is the state of the union. Let us know if you have questions in the comments section.

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