ClickFunnels What Is A Squeeze Page

In this article from Better Sales Funnel, we answer the question, “ClickFunnels What is a squeeze page?

Squeeze pages vary different from site to site, but ultimately, every squeeze page has a purpose. It is a page designed to capture email addresses of potential customers. 

Generally, the purpose of the page is to do just about anything to “squeeze” the page visitor into giving up the highly-sought piece of information about themselves: an email address. 

clickfunnels what is squeeze page
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Pop-up Squeeze Pages

These are common, and I find them annoying, yet effective. Moreover, they get in my way while I am trying to read the post I came to the website for. But here’s the thing. They get RIGHT in front of my face, and tell me what they want to give me.

Many times it is something I sort of want. 

The pop-up is set to open up at lots of different times: upon arrival, after a certain amount of time on the site, or when “exit intent” is shown. In most cases, exit intent is when the user starts to do something that indicates he is finished with the site, like moving the mouse towards the back button. 

Here’s an example of a pop-up squeeze page. In this example, the pop seeks a name, email AND phone number.

Splash page Squeeze Page

A splash page is a squeeze page that looks like a full web-page. It opens up when you click on a page you want to see, and if you want to see the page you sought, you have to “x” out of the splash page. Generally, these show up right before the user is shown the page the actually want. 

clickfunnels what is a squeeze page
Here is an example splash page. I was trying to come to this website and got this introductory squeeze page instead.

In closing…

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Don’t forget your dream and why you got started in the first place.

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