DotCom Secrets Book Review

In this DotCom Secrets Book Review from Better Sales Funnels, we’ll tell you what you’ll get if you get the book and our recommendation for where to purchase it to get the best deal (and value). (Hint: it’s not from Amazon). 

dotcom secrets book review
Spoiler–you can get the book for several dollars cheaper if you buy it from Brunson. 

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DotCom Secrets Book Review: What is this book about?

DotCom Secrets is not your typical sales and marketing book. Brunson opens the book with his own background in sales and marketing. But not with his education and formal training. Instead, he talks about falling in love with the science of selling at the age of 12 when he discovered junk mail. In a humorous anecdote, he explained how his parents became accustomed to receiving less mail than their teenage son. Brunson signed up for hundreds of advertisements to learn more about the products and services that people sold using the mail.

With his entrepreneurial spirit firmly established, when grown, Brunson left his home (and all his junk mail). He went out into the world and began to develop products to sell. He experienced little success. But as he learned what didn’t work, he learned what did.

And his business took off.

DotCom Secrets is Brunson’s take on what works in this digital age, and how you can harness his failures to become successful.

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What can you learn in DotCom Secrets?

dotcom secrets book review

There are four sections to DotCom Secrets. Well, technically, there are five sections, but the final section is devoted primarily to ClickFunnels, the web page builder Brunson developed with a team to make it easier for people to enter the online business space.

We’ll cover briefly what Brunson talks about in each section.

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Section One: Ladders and Funnels

I think this section is somewhat misnamed. Brunson spends close to 40 pages not talking about “funnels” per se. Instead, he talks about the fundamental details that are necessary in a successful business. Almost every business starts with an idea. A product. A service. In Brunson’s point of view, almost all of these businesses will fail. 

dotcom secrets book review

Even a great idea cannot save a poorly thought out business. And I’m not talking about systems or computers or locations. The fundamental necessity of business is the SALE. The transaction where your customer hands you money for whatever it is you that you are selling. 

In Brunson’s world, THIS is where you start. Not with your idea. Not with your service.

Your customer.

Section One is devoted to the concept of the customer. Who is he or she? Where do we find them? And once we find them, how do we attract them? 

Only then, do you decide which product or service your business will offer.

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Section Two: Communication/Follow Up Funnel

In Section Two, Brunson put all of his junk mail knowledge/obsession to good use. But first, he covers the concept of the “attractive character.”

dotcom secrets book review

The attractive character is another important part of the sales experience. In most cases, customers choose to give money to the person they want to give money to. Not because the product is better. Or because the business is something or other. It is because of the people involved in it.

Think Jared from Subway before his criminal charges….Subway’s market share dramatically decreased when Jared left the company. Subway probably wasn’t a better sandwich than Quiznos or Togos or any of the other sandwich behemoths. It was JARED.

To sell products, there are just a handful of characters/personas that you can play to be effective. Brunson calls them the:

  1. Leader
  2. Adventurer
  3. Reporter
  4. Reluctant hero

As you read his descriptions of each of these characters, I guarantee you will begin to see echoes of his statements in the various people you see out there selling products. 

dotcom secrets book review

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Section Three: Funnelology Leading Your Customers to the Sale (Over and Over Again)

In this section, Brunson breaks down the “sales funnel.” He acknowledges that most people, learning to sell online, focus on the sales page or landing page. This is where most of marketing training focuses. 

He believes that just about any sales page can be effective if the customer lands on the page in the right frame of mind.

The concept of “pre-framing” is key to business success. Thus, the funnel is his tool. With a funnel, Brunson argues that you can control the customer’s experience, and thus their state of mind, by the time they end up on the sales and checkout page.

For example, a typical website with a page for the online store gives the customers an unlimited amount of freedom to surf and learn and get bored. In a funnel, the customer almost has no choice but to click forward to see what happens next. There are few places for a customer to get diverted. And in most cases, there are incentives placed so that the customer does not want to leave or come back later. 

Section Three focuses on how to put the customer in the frame of mind to buy.

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Section Four: Funnels and Scripts

In this section, Brunson lays out and explains several actual funnels that he uses in his successful businesses:

  1. Two-Step, Free Plus Shipping Funnel
  2. Self-Liquidating Offer Funnel
  3. Continuity Funnel
  4. The Perfect Webinar Funnel
  5. Invisible Funnel Webinar Funnel
  6. Product Launch Funnel
  7. High-Ticket, Three Step Application Funnel

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Section Five: ClickFunnels

dotcom secrets book review

Brunson briefly discusses ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a funnel building software that is growing rapidly in revenue and popularity. In just three years, ClickFunnels has added more than 50,000 users and earned more than $100,000,000 in revenue. (Yes, that many zeros, more than one hundred million dollars).

Brunson formed a team to develop ClickFunnels to build his own funnels. He felt frustrated with the cost of a tech team and the amount of time it took. With ClickFunnels, Brunson eliminated the entire tech team, and the wait time. You can now create and launch a simple funnel in ClickFunnels in just minutes, for the monthly cost of the ClickFunnels membership. (Think $30,000 for the old way, less than $100/month the new way).

If you want to learn more about ClickFunnels (and you should), Brunson offers a no strings free ClickFunnels account for people who want to try it out

Summary Thoughts

I thought that DotCom Secrets was a very valuable resource. It was incredibly simple, yet powerful. The book was easy to read, and flowed well. Brunson spoke in the book as though he were sitting in front of me. It was dense with information, but not difficult to read. Like Brunson himself–complex but awfully nice and approachable. 

I recommend it. 

Where can I get DotCom Secrets?

You can get DotCom Secrets through Amazon for $12-$13 (plus shipping unless you have Prime). But if you order it from Brunson’s website, he will sell it to you for only the cost of shipping (which he charges about $7-$8 for). In addition, he provides you with access to several sales and marketing training videos which you can’t get through Amazon.

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Click Here to get DotCom Secrets (free plus shipping)

If you are looking for more of Brunson’s work…

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