Drag and Drop Sales Funnel Builder

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we will be talking about ClickFunnels, our favorite drag and drop sales funnel builder.

ClickFunnels is a simple drag and drop sales funnel builder.

ClickFunnels is a simple (yet powerful), and completely web-based. This means that there is nothing to download onto your computer, laptop or handheld device. 

If you like video, here’s a quick runthrough what ClickFunnels is and how it works, plus a walkthrough of the inside of the site:

Try this easy to use drag and drop funnel builder for free today. 

Here’s a step-by-step of how to build a funnel in ClickFunnels…

Using ClickFunnels is simple and quick. The steps to create a funnel in ClickFunnels are below with some screenshots:

Step One. Decide which type of funnel, landing pages, optin page, membership site, etc you want to create.

Step Two. Select “+New Funnel” from your ClickFunnels Dashboard

drag and drop sales funnel builder

Step Three. The “build a funnel” page will open. You can select the Cookbook Builder (pre-done templates) or the Classic Funnel Builder. (I’ll choose the cookbook).

drag and drop sales funnel builder

Step Four. Here you have the opportunity to browse through the various templates. The Cookbook will help you filter them if you select the Industry or Type of Funnel you want to create.

drag and drop sales funnel builder

Step Five. Once you select a funnel template, you have an option to select a pre-built template.

drag and drop sales funnel builder

Step Six. Once you select a template (from the free or paid themes), the funnel will be uploaded to your account.

drag and drop sales funnel builder

Step Seven. Edit and personalize it for your business, as much or as little as you need. The editor is “drag and drop.” You can code if you want but it is not necessary. Simply select the area that you want to edit, change, or personalize. Make the change you want. Click “save.” Your changes will update on the page automatically. 

drag and drop sales funnel builder

Step Eight. Launch. You can connect up a domain of your own or subdomain. You can also purchase a domain within ClickFunnels and have ClickFunnels host it. (In the past, ClickFunnels has purchased your first domain for you). I generally prefer to purchase domains within ClickFunnels because I am lazy and it is so easy to do (no CNAME, DNS, etc). 

Try this easy to use drag and drop funnel builder for free today. 

What are the ClickFunnels features?

ClickFunnels has two levels of membership. The basic tool suite comes with all of the things you need to build and launch funnels and web pages. With this suite, you’ll get:

  • free initial set up
  • page hosting
  • 20,000 per month page visitors
  • 20 funnels in your account
  • option for drag and drop editing
  • landing page builder
  • professional themes and templates
  • split testing
  • page builder
  • funnel builder
  • optin page builder
  • clickpops
  • webinar funnel builder
  • membership site builder
  • and more…

Try this easy to use drag and drop funnel builder for free today. 

The premium suite is called the “Etison Suite.” The Etison Suite of ClickFunnels comes with all of the various tools of the basic suite. In addition, you get unlimited funnels in your account, and unlimited page visitors.

In addition, you get Actionetics and Backpack.

drag and drop sales funnel builder

Actionetics is an incorporated autoresponder. With it, you can broadcast emails, organize your customers and contacts, automate marketing sequences, and more.

Try this easy to use drag and drop funnel builder for free today. 

drag and drop sales funnel builder

Backpack is an incorporated affiliate system. You create your funnel, and then with few clicks, add an affilaite program to the back of your funnel. Each of your affiliates get a unique link, login page, and set commission rate. 

Try this easy to use drag and drop funnel builder for free today. 

What does ClickFunnels cost?

drag and drop sales funnel builder

First of all (and very importantly), you can test drive ClickFunnels for free.

The basic suite costs $97/month. The premium suite costs $297/month.

Are you are interested in options to get discounts on ClickFunnels? If you aren’t, you should. There are some creative ways to get the right plan for you that aren’t advertised by ClickFunnels.

You can actually get ClickFunnels for $19/month, $37/month, or even $67/month. There is also a program that will get you 55% off of the premium tool suite of ClickFunnels. 

Click here for my recent article about how to get steep ClickFunnels discounts.

You can also watch this short video about these discounts:

Why we like ClickFunnels over the alternatives…

There are tons of adequate funnel builders. You can probably go out and get close to what you need with any of the alternatives.

But ClickFunnels has….something. 

Something more.

There is a spark in ClickFunnels that you won’t find elsewhere.

It could be Russell Brunson, the CEO of ClickFunnels, who seems to be able to sell anything when he gets on stage. Maybe it is the exciting and fun products ClickFunnels continutes to launch to build and scale your online business (Funnel Scripts, 30 Days Summit, DotCom Secrets, and more…) Perhaps it is the thousands of RABID users.

This “extra spark” is hard to quantify, but one thing is for certain…people who join ClickFunnels are people who are motivated to MAKE MONEY.

ClickFunnels users are action takers, obsessed with succeeding and changing lives. 

Dip your toe in. You’ll see what I mean. 

Try this easy to use drag and drop funnel builder for free today. 

In closing…

If you’d like to learn more about ClickFunnels, you can go to their website, as the company has TONS of information, videos, and testimonials about the product. We think that the best way to make a decision about ClickFunnels is to try it! Then you can decide whether the tool (and the cost) is right for your business. 

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