free clickfunnels training

Free Clickfunnels Training

There’s a new Free ClickFunnels Training that was just made available last week (September 14, 2018 or so). I did a quick video to show you what it looks like on the inside:

Here’s the thing. This Free ClickFunnels Training is FREE to its members, not the general public. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get it. The way to get the training for free RIGHT NOW would be to sign up for your free two week trial (no money up front), consume the heck out of the videos, and then move on before the end of the trial period if you can’t see yourself using the software. 

Still curious about what is inside this free ClickFunnels training course?  Here’s a screenshot of the Funnel Builder Secrets materials main page. You can see that there are multiple modules about funnels, but not just technical aspects. 

free clickfunnels training
free sales funnel training

Another great perk is that the course offers multiple high quality “done for you” aka “plug and play” or “plug and chug” funnels. These can be used as bait to attract customers to your affiliate offers, or they could be used to snag business clients.

Traffic Secrets is the GEM of the Free ClickFunnels Training

If you watched the video above, you saw that this training also encompasses the Traffic Secrets training that ClickFunnels has historically charged hundreds of dollars for. This is the gem, I think, in this free Clickfunnels online course. 

free clickfunnels training
sales funnel training

Traffic Secrets covers a massive amount of ground and delivers TONS of value for the price ($0). This currently free ClickFunnels online course covers: Copywriting, Keywords, Email Marketing Tactics, Borrowing Traffic, Shopping Engines and Amazon, Traffic Formulas, Buying Media and Sponsorships, Google Adwords, Podcasts and Broadcasts, Mobile App Marketing, Facebook Ads, Retargeting, Social Media, Traffic Recycling, SEO, Building Content, and more. 

It’s really absurd that this is free right now to ClickFunnels subscribers, really. Best of all, you can get access instantly to this training free as well with your ClickFunnels Trial (no cost, cancel easily anytime). 

They even give you the slides from the presentations!!!!

free clickfunnels training
sales funnel training

Free ClickFunnels Training Could Jumpstart Your Online Business/Career

I talk to a lot of people daily about starting online businesses. I have a small Facebook group, but mainly I participate in other larger Facebook groups dedicated to business and affiliate marketing. Just about everyone who is new to the business wants to know: HOW DO I DRIVE TRAFFIC?

Many of these individuals are folks who have been driving to online business and affiliate marketing because of their circumstances. Life changes. It happens. You need to find a way to make money and sometimes you need to do it fast. That is really the beauty of the online business world. It IS possible to start an online business and make money quickly.

free clickfunnels training
sales funnel training

If you know how. 

And that is where many people fail. The KNOW HOW

If you are still reading this, you should stop now and go over to access instantly to this training free as well with your ClickFunnels Trial (no cost, cancel easily anytime).

I’ve seen many individuals take what little money they have and dump it into courses, in the hopes of finding the “easy button.” I don’t think there is an easy button. I think that it just takes work, hard work, to gain the skills you need. I wish I could grab every single person who I have talked to over so many weeks who are struggling with traffic and send them right to this link. I’d tell them, “get this trial so you can get the training that you need! Take advantage of this now while you can!‘ 

Not only do they cover traffic and funnels, they really hit a lot on the core concepts of creating an online business, and give you REAL action items for what you can do to get started. Here’s one of the checklists, for example, with 25 things you should do to get started:

free clickfunnels training
sales funnel training

Get access instantly to this training free as well with your ClickFunnels Trial (no cost, cancel easily anytime).

Some other considerations before you go and get your Free ClickFunnels Training

If you are thinking about getting your free Clickfunnels trial to get access to these videos, you should know about the other resources that are available to you. I’ve listed several of them over on our Freebies page (Funnel Fridays weekly broadcast, Marketing Secrets Blackbook, etc). 

Also, know that there are several levels of membership to ClickFunnels, and that the monthly subscriptions presented to you at the time of signing up are not always the best deals. I have found that the Funnel Hacks deal has historically been of the best value to new ClickFunnels customers, but it is not often advertised on the main site if you come in to sign up through the ClickFunnels main page. (for example, with Funnel Hacks you can get the full suite for more than 50% off), plus you get more valuable training and guides and aides. Click Here to learn more about Funnel Hacks.

In closing…

I say again and again that everyone who is just starting out ought to read DotCom Secrets. This book is jam packed with information that is super valuable. 

You can also visit our Sales and Marketing Resources page to get access to some really awesome resources (free or very cheap).

***Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click-through and make a purchase.

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