Dropshipping Sales Funnel

Thousands are trying Shopify or other similar platform to dropship products. Almost all of these stores fail just as quickly as they are launched. Most people who start one of these stores have no idea that a dropshipping sales funnel would be a better option than a Shopify store.

dropshipping sales funnel

I was one of them. I’ll write more about that here in a minute. 

I decided to try dropshipping because I had seen tons of posts about it on Facebook, and it seemed so easy to do.

I decided to try dropshipping because I had seen tons of posts coming through my Facebook feed about it. The people in these ads and videos made it seem so easy! And the truth is, setting up a dropshipping store with Shopify takes just minutes. Connecting the store up with Oberlo and AliExpress is a breeze. In the span of just a few hours, you can go from nothing to a fully loaded store.

Technology is amazing.

Here’s the thing. Selling products is a business, just like any other. Having an online store is just like having a real store, with walls and a roof. If you can’t get people inside, you can’t sell any products. And, if the people who come inside don’t like the products, or they don’t like YOU or trust YOU, they won’t buy. 

Or, your offer (product, service, t-shirt, cat necklace) just isn’t that appetizing. Your customer might click your ad out of curiosity. But once they get to your page, the offer they see just isn’t compelling enough. The market is flooded with AliExpress products. You’ll find the same headband you want to sell for $2.00 (free shipping) over at Wish.com for $1.00 (free shipping).

The big guys can outplay the little guys on the race to the bottom each and every time. 

People chat up the free plus shipping offers. YouTube is flooded with videos bout $1.00 no-shipping offers on products that can be purchased from China for pennies. Unfortunately, most of the money to be made on these products has been made. The public is used to seeing these offers. There’s no urgency to buy anymore. The first few pioneers that figured these out probably made out like bandits. It isn’t that lucrative anymore. The cost of ad spend on Facebook and elsewhere has risen so much.

dropshipping sales funnel

On a whim, I started my first Shopify store after my kids went to bed one night this last summer. With some music, I plugged away at it until it was done. I felt so proud of myself when I went to bed that night. Finally, after sitting on the sidelines for so long, I had taken ACTION. I had made something. Yes, I had started a business. But then I started driving traffic to it through Facebook. I made some sales right away, which again, made me feel awesome. But I was having to spend more on ads to get those sales than I was comfortable with.

So where does that leave you? 

Is your Shopify store struggling? You can give up on dropshipping, or you can find another way.

Many people have turned away from using a traditional website or Shopify site and are now using a dropshipping sales funnel. While a funnel is a website page, it is not a website. It generally has no content or other distractions. Its sole purpose is to make a sale, and to maximize the value of that sale. The funnel is generally simple, but crafted in a way to address and remove the objections of the customer upon arrival. 

dropshipping sales funnel

The funnel is not a place to browse. It is a place to buy. There’s generally no link back to a store, or back to other products. It takes the customer by the hand, and leads them down the path to the purchase.

Here’s where a dropshipping sales funnel beats a loaded Shopify store. In the loaded Shopify store, you want a customer to get as many products as possible. You want them to browse and load up their cart. Maybe you’ll try to incentivize that by offering free shipping on orders that exceed a certain amount. But once the customer has committed to one particular item, it is hard to get them to add more value to their cart once they’ve added in their credit card details. 

The same is not true with the dropshipping sales funnel I’ve provided the link to. AFTER the credit card details are entered, AFTER the “buy” button has been pressed, the funnel offers MORE products and deals to your customer, who is unlikely to leave at this point, having already committed to buying the first item. These “upsells” are where you will make your money. You might even lose money if the customer only buys the initial product. But with the upsells, you can afford to spend more money to acquire that customer, and you’ll beat your Shopify counterparts on that particular product.

Some creative dropshippers are using a dropshipping sales funnel WITH their existing dropshipping store. 

Funnels created in platforms like ClickFunnels can be changed in minutes. Or you can have multiple funnels, and direct traffic to your offer or offers within minutes of creating the funnel. Funnels offer so much more flexibility to a dropshipper, which cannot be achieved in the same manner on Shopify.

Funnels are being used to help get email addresses to build the store’s list for remarketing, and to get coupons into the hands of customers.

Many companies (and funnel designers) will charge $1,000 or more dollars to craft a funnel for you. Some will charge $5,000-$10,000 or more for the funnel. This is why it is such an amazing thing to be able to access a software platform like ClickFunnels, and create your own funnels for your own products and ideas. 

You can test drive this funnel for free, and make up your own mind about it.

Best part–you can test drive the funnel I’ve provided to  you for two weeks. You can easily get the funnel up and running in ClickFunnels within a day, and then start driving traffic to it. You’ll know right away whether it is something that will work for you and your business, or whether it is worth continuing to develop. No strings attached, cancel anytime. 

 If you don’t have ClickFunnels, you can quickly start a free 14-Day trial to test drive the funnel, and then easily cancel if you don’t think you can use it. Also consider my recent Funnel Hacks post about how to get the best deal for six months of ClickFunnels.

If you are struggling with dropshipping, please take heart. You aren’t the only one. But there are other options. The fact that you are here, reading this post, this paragraph, tells me that you are on the right track. 

My final parting thoughts about starting an online business.

Here at Better Sales Funnels, we tell everyone just starting an online business that they should go and read DotCom Secrets. This book is an incredibly valuable manual that is well worth the price (pay only shipping).

If you are looking to begin an online venture, feel free to visit our  Sales and Marketing Resources page to get access to some really affordable resources (free or very cheap).

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