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In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we will be talking about ClickFunnels, our favorite funnel builder software

funnel builder software

You can try this powerful funnel builder software for free. 

ClickFunnels is a simple drag and drop funnel builder software.

ClickFunnels is an easy to use (but powerful) funnel building software. This software is one that is completely web-based. (Web-based means that there is nothing to download from the internet to a device). You can log in to ClickFunnels from just about anywhere, even away from your primary computer.

You can try this powerful funnel builder software for free. 

How does the ClickFunnels software work to build funnels?

ClickFunnels is fairly simple to use. It requires zero knowledge of coding (html, etc). Here is a step by step process to build a funnel in ClickFunnels:

#1. Decide what type of funnel you want to create.

#2. Select “new funnel” in your ClickFunnels dashboard.

funnel builder software

#3. Once the “build a funnel” page opens, select your path. You can use the Funnel Cookbook or the classic builder. The cookbook loads tons of pre-built templates, while the classic builder gives you the power to create more of the details.

#4. In this scenario, I’ve selected the Cookbook. Once I’ve selected the builder, I will browse through the cookbook options until I can find the type of funnel or page I need.

funnel builder software

#5. Once I’ve selected the type of funnel I want to create, I have the opportunity to select the template (basic format, color, structure). 

#6. Once I select the template, the funnel uploads itself right into my account. This takes a minute or less to load. 

funnel builder software

#7. Edit the funnel to personalize it for my business. When I want to edit or change something, I use the mouse, point on the object or words and click. Then I made the change, and select “save.”

8. The page goes live almost immediately, on a ClickFunnels domain. I have the option to use the ClickFunnels domain, use a domain I already own, create a subdomain from one of my domains, or purchase a domain in ClickFunnels. 

And that is it. With ClickFunnels, in minutes I can start and funnel and launch it. 

You can try this powerful funnel builder software for free. 

If you’d like to see a video walk through, here’s a quick video:

How Do I Get Started with ClickFunnels?

Before you move forward with a purchase, it is best to understand the plan options and the availability of discounts. Here are some basic facts about ClickFunnels you need to know.

Free trial. You can try ClickFunnels for free for 14 days without penalty. I highly recommend that you do this before you make a decision about the product. ClickFunnels does not make it hard to cancel. They even email you before the trial is over to remind you. Click here to try ClickFunnels for free today.

funnel builder software

Discounts. Multiple discounts on the ClickFunnels product exist. You can actually get ClickFunnels for much less than the $97/month subscription for the basic tool. Click here to find out more about these discounts, which include a $19 plan, and 55% of the premium suite. 

Click here for my recent article about how to get steep ClickFunnels discounts.

Autoresponder. The premium suite of ClickFunnels comes with an integrated autoresponder. If you have an Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp account, you will not need to pay for separate accounts if you get the premium suite. 

Backpack. ClickFunnels has an affiliate software that can be added quickly to the back end of your funnels for your affiliates. This comes with the premium suite. 

Free training. ClickFunnels gives its customers TONS of free training. In September 2018, the company added a training course called Funnel Builder Secrets and another called Traffic Secrets to its dashboard. These courses are available to all subscribers, even those who are in their free trial. In our opinion, the traffic course (HOURS of valuable information) is worth signing up for the trial all on its own. 

You can try this powerful funnel builder software for free. 

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