Funnel Scripts Pricing

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we will present you with information about Funnel Scripts features and Funnel Scripts pricing.

funnel scripts pricing
Here’s what the inside of Funnel Scripts look like (from the Funnel Scripts Webinar).

Click Here if you want to get access to the Free Funnel Scripts Webinar. 

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a web-based software that creates scripts for online (and offline) businesses. It uses a simple fill-in form. You answer the questions. “Whack the submit button” as creator Jim Edwards would say. The voila! You have a script. A headline. An email. A webinar. 

(If you didn’t laugh when we wrote, “whack the submit button” then you definitely haven’t watched the Funnel Scripts Webinar. In that Webinar, Russell Brunson (CEO of ClickFunnels), Jim Edwards (creator of Funnel Scripts) and Liz Benny (successful online entrepreneur) present Funnel Scripts and demonstrate the multiple ways Funnel Scripts can be used.)

funnel scripts pricing
Jim, Russell and Liz do a live demo in the Funnel Scripts webinar with one of Liz’s products. 

Click Here if you want to get access to the Free Funnel Scripts Webinar. 

We recommend that if you are considering Funnel Scripts, that you go and watch the webinar before purchasing it. The webinar shows the software in action. The webinar shows that the software is actually more versatile than you’d think. It is advertised as a way to get copy for your own funnels and materials, but now I see how it could be used to provide copy for others as a stand-alone-business. 

Funnel Scripts Pricing: What does it cost?

Update: As of October 2018, Funnel Scripts cost $497. This price was increased in 2019 to $797.

Currently, Funnel Scripts is being sold for $497. Funnel Scripts was previously sold at $297. We expect that this price will increase in the future. As more people use the product, ClickFunnels will gather more testimonials. Jim Edwards is also adding more scripts and features to it on a regular basis. As it becomes more beefy, people will continue to pay for it even as the price increases. 

funnel scripts pricing

In the Funnel Scripts webinar, Jim and Russell explain their justification for the price. As they said, Funnel Scripts costs $497 for an entire year, and can be used for hours of work with no additional payments. A decent copy writer will charge $100-$200/hour or more. Within just a few hours of contracted work, your money can be made back. Plus, Funnel Scripts comes with a money back guarantee. If you try the scripts Funnel Scripts produces and your funnel flops, you can go back to Russell and Jim and demand your money back. Not so with a human copy writer. They get paid for their work whether your funnel flops or flies. 

Click Here if you want to get access to the Free Funnel Scripts Webinar. 

What do I get for my money if I purchase Funnel Scripts?

With your payment, you receive the following:

  • 12 months access to Funnel Scripts
  • Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Stary, Story, Solution Wizard
  • 5 Fast Funnel Templates (sharefunnels)
  • Funnel Scripts Blueprints (complete, done for you plans that point to each script you’ll need for your funnel)
  • Regular training sessions
funnel scripts pricing
In the webinar, Russell went through all kinds of things you COULD spend $500 on instead of Funnel Scripts…

Funnel Scripts does not come with a free trial. You cannot test drive the software itself. However, you can test-drive the concept of the Funnel Scripts fill-in and submit to get a headline.

Click Here to get access to the free Funnel Scripts Headline Generator. 

Other Funnel Scripts Options

Funnel Scripts if a very valuable tool. ClickFunnels frequently throws in Funnel Scripts as a bonus for other ClickFunnels packages. If you are thinking about getting ClickFunnels and Funnel Scripts, you should check out the Funnel Builder Secrets package, where you can get a discount on your ClickFunnels monthly fees and get access to Funnel Scripts at no additional cost.

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