How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

DATE: Clickfunnels has announced some major changes to its platform in September of 2019. I have created an up date article summarizing those changes here:

In this post from Better Sales Funnels, we answer the question, “How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

n this post from Better Sales Funnels, we answer the question, “How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

how much does clickfunnels cost

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How much does ClickFunnels cost: ClickFunnels has two membership options (and some secret discounts)

There are two levels of membership with ClickFunnels.

how much does clickfunnels cost

The basic tool suite costs $97/month. It comes with all of the tools you need to build funnels and pages. 

The premium tool suite costs $297/month. The premium tool suite comes with the basic tools, plus Actionetics and Backpack.

how much does clickfunnels cost

Actionetics is an integrated autoresponder. The nice thing about Actionetics is that you don’t have to pay for a separate autoresponder. Further, you don’t have to deal with your third party service interrupting your business on a whim. 

Backpack is an integrated affiliate system. Any of your funnels can have an affiliate program. You can set up affiliate login accounts for your affiliates and issue them independent links. 

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What about the secret discount plans?

ClickFunnels does not advertise the following discounts. As you saw above, the advertised plans are $97/month and $297/month. 

ClickFunnels offers a secrets “share funnel plan.” This plan costs $19 per month. The plan offers limited funnel building functionality. Instead of building funnels, this plan is primarily for hosting a pre-built funnel. This plan is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to build funnels. Instead, they want to use a funnel that someone else already built. 

Click here to learn more about the $19 a month share funnel plan. You can also get free access to the share funnels you need to start on this plan. 

Next, ClickFunnels offers $37/month and $67/month plans. These plans offer more functionality than the share funnel plan. You can build funnels, and you are not restricted to shared funnels from other users. The primary difference between the $37/$67 plans and the $97 plan is the number of funnels you can have in your account. The way to get access to these plans is a bit sneaky. You have to start a trial and then go to cancel it when the trial is nearly over. ClickFunnels will offer these plans to you as incentive to say with the company. 

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Funnel Hacks System is the best deal: 55% off premium suite plus awesome bonuses

Funnel Hacks is a package deal where you can get tons of value. The package costs $997, but here’s what you get:

  • six months of the premium suite (normally costs $1782)
  • funnel hacks masterclass (learn how to use ClickFunnels, build funnels, and how to have an online business)
  • inception secrets (copy for your funnels)
  • Soap and Seinfeld email sequences

Interested? You can learn more about Funnel Hacks in Russell Brunson’s autowebinar about the power of funnels:

how much does clickfunnels cost
This webinar is fascinating and entertaining, even if you don’t plan on purchasing anything. I recommend it simply as a training resource as well. 

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EDIT: As of 12/2018, the Funnel Hacks package (and discounts) have been discontinued. In its place, you can obtain discounts on CLickFunnels with the Funnel Builder Secrets Package, which you can learn more about in our recent pricing review. (Click Here)


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