how to find business coach

How To Find Business Coach

Google Search: How to Find Business Coach?

Answer: Ask for referrals from friends and colleagues. Search for people advertising the service. Google recommendations in blogs or other internet posts. I would say that the hot vehicle connecting people up for coaching is through closed Facebook Groups.

how to find business coach

“How to find business coach”– What’s going on in closed Facebook groups?

Facebook groups have become business groups. No longer are these the places for people to gather to geek out about something in particular. While this does occur, people are flocking to groups now to learn. Many businesses are forming paid groups. The members need to be current to enter, access the content, and engage. In these groups, the admins (and the community) may share valuable content, tips, and information that are vital to the community members.

Perhaps this information would have been picked up before in news articles or blogs. Perhaps they would have searched YouTube. But in today’s age of “fake news,” it is so hard to know what to trust and who to trust. In a closed Facebook group, you can actually interact with the poster of the material you are reading. There is no barrier. Ask questions! Watch them “go live” in the group and get real time feedback. This does wonders for confirming whether the advice you are receiving is advice that you can take to the bank.

You can see your coach in action. You will know what you are buying if you decide to invest in their coaching. After all, you see them in their group day after day.

how to find business coach
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In a closed Facebook group, you get to see your coach interact. You see what kind of content they produce or post. Moreover, you can almost get to know them personally through what they post. Additionally, you can also interact with them in advance of seeking to be coached by them. You hear their stories of success and failure. There is no questions of whether you connect or have anything in common. You will know in a short period of time whether the coach is someone you want to work with. Either the coach lights a fire in you to do whatever it is you want to achieve, or they don’t.

Ultimately, for a coaching relationship to work, it needs to be a “relationship.” A real relationship. It needs a spark, like a real relationship. The participants in a coaching relationship give and take. They have to be on the same page and communicate. Just like a romantic relationship can fall apart when the participants aren’t participating, communicating, and sharing, a business coaching relationship can also fail to give anyone what they want.  

The closed Facebook group experience will tell you just about everything you want to know about your potential coach, and answer the question “how to find business coach.” 

Your potential coach can see YOU in action. 

In a closed group, you will have many opportunities to engage with the coach and the content. If you are patient, you will gradually establish who you are and what you are about. Others will see you and your personality and where you are in your journey. Your coach will be able to make the decision of whether she would want to coach you in advance of your request to be coached.

Why is this important? If a coach takes you on, it is because she WANTS you to succeed, and THINKS you can succeed. She needs to know that before getting started with you. Business coaches thrive with great testimonials and referrals. The coach is going to be HYPER motivated to help you get results, because she wants to create raving fans with amazing results. Those raving fans will feed her business and help her make money. She doesn’t want you to fail. Your time spent in the group will let her know about you and help her decide whether she can help you.

“How to find business coach” (and closed Facebook group)?

You will have to go and do some searches for Facebook groups in the niche you are in. If you are wanted to start a business, you will do searches on Facebook for keywords associated with your business. If your coach is serious about working with people, he’ll make it easy for you to find him. The size of the group doesn’t matter, either. I actually think that large groups (500+) make it much harder for the coach to interact with the members at a high level.

Some great coaches have thousands of raving fans. But keep in mind what you are looking for and what you need. You might not need the coach who charges thousands of dollars a month when you are just getting started. You might really get use out of a coach who has the skills and abilities to assist you through forming your business, but doesn’t cost quite so much. But then again, if you have the money, it might make sense to invest in that high level coaching and guidance so that you can sprint past those first initial months/years of growth. 

Once you’ve identified your potential coach, and you’ve established a relationship with them in their group–that’s the time to send them a direct message and ask about their coaching program.

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