How to Use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we answer the question, “How to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing?

Direct link all you want!!

Pinterest recently changed their community guidelines to allow direct linking with affiliate links. Consequently, this means that an affiliate can simply create a pin and post it, with a link directly to the product they are promoting. Gone is the need to produce content to wrap the offer in. All you need to do is create the right pin, and you’ve got a customer.

how to use pinterest for affiliate marketing

 Here are the steps to use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Select the product you intend to promote.
  2. Go to a site like Canva and select a Pinterest post template.
  3. Modify the template until it looks Pinterest worthy.
  4. Download the template.
  5. Select “create a pin” in Pinterest. 
  6. Upload the Canva template.
  7. Copy and paste your link.
  8. Compose the description.
  9. PIN.

That’s it. Here’s a short video explaining how to Pin:

Here’s a Affiliate Marketing tutorial for Pinterest. In this video, we show you a handful of Pinterest Pins and explain what each of them gets right….and wrong:

Pinterest is a worthy tool…

Pinterest is a worth traffic source to learn and utilize. Facebook is becoming increasingly crowded, and advertising costs are rising across the board. Pinterest has fewer users, certainly, but there are fewer marketers there as well. I think there is plenty of room in Pinterest to find customers, at a discounted rate. 

Before you go all in on Pinterest, I recommend getting an account and spend some time surfing the various niches. Look carefully at what is being promoted and who is doing the paid promotions. You’ll be able to identify some areas where there is room for you to elbow your way in and perhaps quickly snag some customers.

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