Make Money While Traveling

You can make money while traveling. It is quite easy, actually. Most travelers who think about making money while abroad think about  working for cash under the table. But what if you could spend just a little time every day on a computer? Either your laptop or in an internet cafe, and make more than enough money to live, and to travel?

make money while traveling

It is possible to make money online while traveling. This post isn’t a joke, or a scam. Many people around the world make money while traveling from their computers, remotely, doing what is called “affiliate marketing.” People interact with affiliate marketers on a daily basis. Especially if they use social media or read articles on the internet. Most of the content pumped into the internet-sphere is there to get you to click on something that will result in a purchase. It might seem like the blogger is providing you with helpful information you need. But in almost every case, the end goal is that they want to get credit for a sale.

What is affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing? It is how a lot of people make a lot of money behind the scenes. It’s just the new way to sell things. Bloggers or influencers include a link to a product or service in their posts or blogs. If someone clicks then link and then buys, the blogger gets a percentage of the sale. The buyer pays the same no matter what. In many cases, the buyer is often completely unaware of the relationship between the blogger and the product. This is despite the fact that the FTC requires a statement that the blogger disclose that he/she could get a commission.

For a traveler, the ability to make good money on their own time, on their own schedule, without a manager or someone to report to is vital. Affiliate marketing is the epitome of working for yourself. You do what you want, when you want, as much as you want, how you want.

What do I need to get started affiliate marketing so I can make money while traveling?

Assuming you have a computer, a PayPal account, and the ability to access the internet, you can get started. The first thing you’ll need to make money while traveling is to pick an affiliate product or suite of products to promote. There are hundreds of options. You can be an affiliate for Amazon, for JVZoo, for ClickBank, and many others. Travelers need the most bang for their buck, meaning the most money for their effort.

As the availability of the internet to work can be sporadic depending upon where in the world you are, you need to be able to make the most possible per sale. You can market high ticket items with values in excess of $500. Or you can market items that have a recurring commission.

A recurring commission is one that is paid to you each month, so long as your referral continues to be a customer. As a traveler, the recurring commission model is appealing. It gives you more freedom to forecast how much you’ll be earning weeks or months ahead.

The recurring commission is superior to the one-time purchase as well, even if the value of the physical product is high. You might could get 8% of a chair selling for $500 on Amazon, which is a one time commission of $40. Or you could get a 40% commission of one product that sells for $297/month, which is $118.80/month for a potentially unlimited number of months.

While there are many programs out there that have recurring commissions, I am going to recommend ClickFunnels as a top choice for those who want to make money online while traveling, for the reasons that follow. 

ClickFunnel commissions could set you up for months of care-free traveling

ClickFunnels offers you 40% of all purchases of your customer, for life. So if your customer orders DotCom Secrets (a free book offered by CEO Russell Brunson), and then later purchases ClickFunnels, you get the commission for the book and the software. Some of their products are sold for thousands of dollars. This gives you room to run and earn high ticket commissions.

If the customer remains with ClickFunnels for the rest of his life, you get 40% of his $97/month subscription. This continues as long as both you and he are still alive.

Let’s see how that plays out for five years.

$38 * 12 months * five years= $2280.

For ONE subscriber.

And, since most users end up upgrading to the full suite ($297/month), you could be looking at $118/month *12 months * 5 years=$7080.

Not only that, if your customer buys in two years or five years, you get that commission.

ClickFunnels wants you to get those commissions. They want their affiliates to be motivated. So if you drive a customer to the ClickFunnels site using your affiliate link, and the customer does not buy, the cookie does not expire. It is “sticky.” This is the exact opposite of what happens when you promote for Amazon. With Amazon, your customer has 24 hours to buy. If something is bought outside of that window, even if it is the product you promoted, you get nothing. Look–Amazon wants to make the most money possible. They don’t want to pay you those commissions, but they want the sales. This is why their window is so short.

Here’s another addition to the recurring monthly ClickFunnels subscription commission. If any of your referred customers join the affiliate program (and most of them do), you get 5% of what their affiliates refer. Thus, you can also focus on recruiting influencers and people with big groups. If you land a successful influencer, she makes bank, and you get a piece of it.

ClickFunnels offers free affiliate marketing training

Here is another reason why ClickFunnels is a top choice of products to market to make money while traveling. ClickFunnels will train you to market their product for free.

ClickFunnels is currently offering their Affiliate Training Bootcamp*** (normally price at $997) for FREE. 

The training covers their affiliate program, their products, sales techniques, and copy writing. It even covers social media marketing to help affiliates sell products. Everything that they are teaching is something that you can use to market other affiliate products as well.

All you have to do have to watch the videos that get served to your email and do your homework. But otherwise, the training delivers hours of content that you would to otherwise pay for. (Or spend weeks and months learning through trial and error.) This can be done from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection.

Did I mention that they want to give you your dream car? This is a program like none-other. 

Interested? Click the link below to find out more about the program. You can get started once you are on the road. But most people have the best results and make money while traveling if they learn the system before they take off.

CLICK HERE to enter your email to receive your first video and learn how to start earning money online, and get started on the road to life as a digital nomad.

Want to learn more about ClickFunnels? Here’s a quick video walkthrough:

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***Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click-through and make a purchase.

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