Samcart vs ClickFunnels

In this review article from Better Sales Funnels, we are looking at the match-up of Samcart vs ClickFunnels

Samcart vs ClickFunnels

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First, what is Samcart?

Samcart is an online software (SAAS-software as a service). There is nothing to download to your computer. With this software, you can quickly create and launch products for sale. Within the platform, you can quickly select and modify pre-formatted sales pages and checkout pages. No web design, html or coding is necessary. Samcart gives you the ability to integrate your other services (such as autoresponder, payment platforms, time management, etc) into its service. However, it aims to help reduce the number of external integrations its users need to run their businesses.

Samcart aims to simplify the process of bringing a product to market. While other platforms are focusing on extensive sales funnels with tons of information and pages, Samcart focuses on a main sales page and checkout. For example, its primary sales webinar (which users can get a huge discount on the premium version of Samcart), is called the “1-Page Funnel.” 

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Okay, so what is ClickFunnels?

In some ways, ClickFunnels is similar to Samcart. It is an online SAAS, as well. The software gives users the power to create webpages, sales pages, and funnels without having to hire an extensive tech team or do any coding or html whatsoever.

Samcart vs ClickFunnels
Here’s an inside look at the ClickFunnels Funnel Builder.

ClickFunnels does have many of the same capabilities of Samcart. It has pre-formatted templates to help users launch products and services quickly. Users can step into the platform and start selling same day, if they can get traffic to their funnels. 

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So what’s the difference then?

Samcart focuses on the conversion. The details of getting the customer sold and through the checkout. Many people who  have blogs or other websites use Samcart simply as the place to process the payments for products.

Samcart vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels focuses on the steps leading up to the sale. Getting the customer warm and then hot to the idea of the sale.

Samcart focuses on making things simple. Just a few products at a time. A whole store could be created with Samcart, but Samcart’s bread and butter is snagging people who need a simple and easy solution.

ClickFunnels gives its users MORE. More options. Versatility. More freedom to grow and change. Design. Customize. Change things and split test the tweaks. 

Samcart vs ClickFunnels

Having checked out both platforms, we would say that Samcart is a good place for people who are just getting started. ClickFunnels is a place for people who already have some experience with selling products or services online, and need more versatility in their pages and funnels.

Samcart makes things incredibly simple, which is fairly easy to do when you only have one product or a few products to launch. This is why this platform is ideal for beginners.

Clickfunnels isn’t necessarily not beginner-friendly. But it does require some time spent learning the system and the editor, integrations and the rest. A beginner who doesn’t know much about sales, offers, ROI, conversions, driving traffic, etc will struggle on ClickFunnels simply because there is SO much ClickFunnels can do. 

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How do the prices compare?

ClickFunnels has two tiers, the basic and premium tool. The basic tool costs $97/month, and the premium tool costs $297/month. ClickFunnels’ basic tool comes with all of the options for building and launching sales pages and funnels. The premium tool offers the basic tools plus affiliate software and a client management/communication system. (Think emails, messenger bots, list segmenting, and more)

Samcart vs ClickFunnels

Samcart has two tiers, the Pro and then Premium tools. The Pro version comes with templates, unlimited products, built in credit card processing, options to take one-time payments and subscriptions, offering trials, coupons, and payment plans. 

Samcart vs ClickFunnels

Other considerations…

One thing that seems to really make a difference between these two platforms is the community. ClickFunnels has a giant and rabid fan club surrounding it. ClickFunnels is far from perfect, but its cult-ure drives its success. Russell Brunson has done so much to push ClickFunnels to be one of the top (if not the top) selling SAAS for building pages and funnels. Take the ClickFunnels group on Facebook. There’s over 100,000 members in the group, and hundreds are active daily on the posts. This is amazing, considering ClickFunnels is only a couple of years old. The company has gone from $0 to well over $100 million in the span of 3-4 years. 

Samcart is a solid product. While creator Brian Moran is adept as selling his product, he has not been able to go head-to-head with Brunson and the ClickFunnels cult-ure. The Samcart Facebook group has only a few thousand people in it, and is not as active.

If you are just getting started in online business, consider the culture around the product. You want to make sure to surround yourself with successful people who know how to use the product and make money with it. Even if you decide to purchase Samcart over ClickFunnels, it is worthwhile to join both communities. Brunson is constantly launching high quality info-products that are valuable for beginners and experienced alike.

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Are there discounts?


You can get ClickFunnels cheaper using a few techniques. There are plans for $19, $37 and $67 which you can access in a sneaky way. Check out this post to get more information about these discounted plans.

Another way to get a deal on ClickFunnels is to buy a training package, where the ClickFunnels software comes as a bonus.

ClickFunnels is phasing out the Funnel Hacks package (which gave you the ClickFunnels premium suite for 50% off). 

It is moving to the Funnel Builder Secrets package, where you get a ton of training, tools (like Funnel Scripts) plus a steep discount on the premium suite. 

Samcart vs ClickFunnels

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You can also get Samcart at a discount when you purchase a training package. The 1-Page-Funnel package gives you 12 months of Samcart premium at close to 60% off. 

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Are there options for a free trial of the product?


ClickFunnels offers 14-days free. Click here to get started.

Samcart also offers 14-days free. Click here to get started.


We like both of these platforms, and the training packages which can get you a discount on the tools. If you are committed to taking action daily, you can succeed with either one. Just remember that the learning curve with ClickFunnels can be steep (meaning, don’t be intimidated by it). 

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