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Sell More Self Published Books With a Free Funnel

How to sell more self published books? 

This is a question that should be asked first. Before the book is launched. Perhaps even before a book is written. To launch a book successfully, it must be well-written, edited, and formatted. But more importantly, it must also be well-promoted. The nuts and bolts of promotion is where most authors struggle.

how to sell more self published books

A self-published author must wear many hats. Believe me, I understand this. But this post is not meant to be comprehensive of all the things one must do to successfully launch a book. Instead, I want to offer a few tools to self-published authors to simplify their process and help them sell more books.

Every Author/Book Needs a Website

Every successful book/author needs a website. Authors simply cannot rely upon Amazon to deliver their book to a potential reader in a search. We know that self-published authors struggle to gain any sort of visibility without 40-60 verified purchaser reviews. It is a chicken-egg situation. How do you get reviews and sales if you can’t get anyone to even see that your book is for sale? Even if they straight up search for the subject of your book?

If you are selling your book on Amazon, without the support of a publishing company? In that situation, you are left having to advertise on your own to raise the profile of your book. So you send traffic to your book on Amazon, then Amazon keeps up to 70% of the value of the sale if you manage to get any sales. It is almost impossible to make money this way. Then you find yourself searching “how to sell more self published books.”

Why not try this instead? You list your book for sale on Amazon, but you don’t enroll it in the Select program (so Amazon doesn’t have exclusive rights to the work). Then you can deliver your book straight to your reader through your own website. This way, you can keep the lion’s share of the money made in the transaction.

But Websites Are Expensive, and a Headache…

Yes, a website costs hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to create and maintain. The cost and the tech headaches are two reasons why many authors choose to eschew websites for their work, to their detriment. Instead of trying to sell you on expensive website designers, or complicated hosting, I want you to consider another economical option: a sales funnel.

A funnel? What’s a funnel?

A funnel is simply a sales process. On the internet, it is a series of web pages meant to lead a customer through your site to a sale. For an author, that can include a landing page where the customer learns more about the author and her works, a place to capture emails, and a direct-to-customer sales page. If this sounds too complicated, just think of it as a web page that has only one purpose–to sell your books. If you want to see an example of what a funnel could look like, check out the funnel for DotCom Secrets, a book written by online marketing mogul Russell Brunson

Where do I get a funnel?

Where do I get a funnel? How much does it cost?

Funnels can cost thousands of dollars. Top notch funnel designers can earn between $10,000-$20,000 or more for a high end book funnel.

Or, you could make your own. Before you start to feel overwhelmed, here is the first tool: a FREE pre-made funnel for authors. 


How this works–you click on the link above, and it will take you to ClickFunnels. You can use ClickFunnels for free for 14-Days. Create an account for yourself and then look around ClickFunnels.  Test drive the book funnel. It is easy to customize, and you can also test drive all the other features of the product.

With ClickFunnels, you integrate all of your sales needs right into your funnel. You have the option buy a custom domain right inside of ClickFunnels (CF will generally give you your first one as a bonus for signing up) and then quickly get your website up and running. If you don’t like it, or you won’t use it, then simply cancel ClickFunnels before the end of the trial.

If you are really interested in ClickFunnels, but you only want to use it for ONE funnel, check out the ClickFunnels $19/month share funnel plan

Want to learn more about funnels? Visit the Better Sales Funnels Free (or affordable) resources page, to access a ton of tools to get you started selling more books.

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