Skillshare Pricing Review

In today’s article, we are reviewing the Skillshare pricing structure. 

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First of all, what is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning platform. Teachers upload courses. Students sign up with the platform and pay money for a subscription. With this subscription, a student can consume as much or at little of the Skillshare classes as she likes. This is why some call Skillshare “the netflix of e-learning platforms” or something similar. 

Udemy, on the other hand, is a pay-per-course model. A student selects one course, pays Udemy for it, and then has unlimited access to the course, generally forever.

This is one critical difference between the platforms. With Skillshare, if you choose not to continue to subscribe, you no longer have access to any materials. On the other hand, with Udemy, once you’ve paid you get it forever.

What is the cost of Skillshare?

There are two types of e-learning courses available on Skillshare: “free” and “premium.”

It costs nothing to sign up and access the free materials. While the majority of the Skillshare courses are premium courses, there are several courses (and more added regularly) that are free. 

You can purchase Skillshare on a monthly or yearly basis. 

skillshare pricing

If you want to go with the monthly plan, you’ll pay $15/month, and you can cancel anytime.

When you go with the yearly plan, you’ll pay a one-time fee of $99, which works out to $8.25/month. 

There are also “team plans” available for groups or classes that come in, potentially at a discounted rate. The team rates that can be obtained are not known, and are determined on a per-case basis. 

Can I Try Skillshare for free?

Skillshare offers a one-month free trial of its platform. However, if you use the link of an affiliate or course creator (like me), you can get an extra month free.

Click Here To Redeem Your Two Free Months of Skillshare.

skillshare pricing

Why would a teacher post a course for free?

Teachers come to Skillshare for a variety of reasons. They get paid per minute of content watched. But getting paid by the minute on Skillshare may not be the primary goal of the teacher.

Many teachers on Skillshare are in the process of building a larger following on other platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Their primary focus is on those other platforms. But when they come to Skillshare and publish free courses, the students who consume the course may be drawn away to the primary platform of the course creator. Because naturally, the creator is able to drop links to their other platforms and content (free or paid). 

Free courses also make it easier for course creators to raise the profile of their premium content. The more eyeballs there are, and the more minutes watched, the more likely Skillshare will be to promote the course. Boost equals boost equals more boost, basically. 

Thinking about teaching?

If you are interested in buying a Skillshare membership, you should know that you could actually get an entire year of the premium membership for free.

As a new teacher, you have the opportunity to participate in the monthly new teacher challenges. If you complete the tasks assigned during the month, you’ll have chances to win gift cards, equipment, and have your courses featured on the Skillshare blog and Instagram page. And, if you publish your first course during the teach challenge, they are giving out a whole year of Skillshare premium for free. 

If you want to teach, post a comment here so we can connect. If you are referred by another Skillshare teacher, we’ll each get an extra $50! 

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