Marketing Funnel Builder

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we are talking about ClickFunnels, our recommended marketing funnel builder. ClickFunnels is a simple and fast marketing funnel builder. ClickFunnels is a powerful tool for a marketer. It is completely web-based, so you can use it anywhere. There’s nothing to download, and nothing to carry around with you. … Read more Marketing Funnel Builder

Is ClickFunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

Question: Is ClickFunnels a pyramid scheme? Answer: No.  But I admit that I can see why some people would think so. Read on, and I’ll tell you more about ClickFunnels. What is ClickFunnels? (Is ClickFunnels a pyramid scheme? ClickFunnels is a web-based software that allows its customers to quickly create landing pages and funnels. Their customers … Read more Is ClickFunnels A Pyramid Scheme?

Free Clickfunnels Training

free clickfunnels training

There’s a new Free ClickFunnels Training that was just made available last week (September 14, 2018 or so). I did a quick video to show you what it looks like on the inside: Here’s the thing. This Free ClickFunnels Training is FREE to its members, not the general public. But that doesn’t mean you can’t … Read more Free Clickfunnels Training

Sales Funnel Basics: An Overview

question what is a sales funnel

Sales Funnel Basics. This post will answer a very simple question you may be too afraid to ask out loud. Especially when you are just getting startedin the sales/marketing world. What is a sales funnel? Sales Funnel Basics…I’m glad you asked! A sales funnel is not necessarily complicated. At its core, a “sales funnel” is … Read more Sales Funnel Basics: An Overview

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