Teachable Pricing Review

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we are going to do a Teachable Pricing Review. 

teachable pricing review

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As as initial matter, what is Teachable?

Teachable is a platform where course creators can host their courses. When I say “host their courses,” I mean, “make their courses available for someone to purchase and view.” 

teachable pricing review
There are some really important differences in each of these plans. While, it is worth examining them carefully before making a decision about a plan. you can always switch between them as the need arises.

Instead of having their own website (and all the headaches that come with it), Teachable gives course creators a way to do the following:

  • make courses available to students
  • drip course content to students over time
  • generate coupons for courses
  • collect payments for paid courses
  • offer courses for free
  • make supporting materials available to students
  • give quizzes
  • integrate affiliates

A platform like Teachable is a great resource for someone who is great at course creation and teaching, but isn’t interested in creating sales funnels for their courses, maintaining WordPress websites, and collecting payments.

Teachable comes with all these features incorporated, so course creators can ditch some of these separate services. 

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How Does Teachable differ from Udemy and Skillshare?

Think of Teachable more like having your own website. You have all of your courses and materials posted, but it is up to you to get people to your site to buy your courses. 

When you post to Udemy and Skillshare, those platforms make it possible for students to search for skills or information they want to learn. In this manner, your course could be discovered. This is not an option on Teachable. 

Skillshare pays on a per minute watched basis. Students pay one fee for the entire platform, and watch as much as they want. 

teachable pricing review

With Udemy, there is no cost to belong to the platform and to post a course, but the fee charged by Udemy is quite high. If you bring the student in (through a coupon, for example), you keep 97% of the fee charged for the course. If the student comes in through the Udemy search option, Udemy keeps 50% of the fee.

With Teachable, you will pay a fee to use the platform, and then depending upon your plan, you may or may not pay transaction fees to Teachable. 

Another difference. With Teachable, you can set up your courses as though the site was actually your own, and not a “Teachable” site. You can input your own domain, your own school. The student may never know that you are even associated with Teachable.

With Udemy and Skillshare, the student is always going to know that they are on a third party platform. 

The ability to have affiliates promote your courses is also another differentiator with Teachable. 

What does Teachable cost?

teachable pricing review

Teachable advertises a Basic, Professional, and Business plan option. Payments can be made either monthly or annually. There is a discount on Teachable if you make your payment annually. 

If you get the Basic plan, you save $10 per month if you pay annually. So that is either $29/month or $39/month.

When you get the Professional plan, you save $20 per month if you pay annually.  You’d pay either $79/month or $99/month.

With the Business plan, you save $100 per month if you pay annually.  SO that’s $399/month or $499/month. 

Click here to learn more about the Teachable payment plans. 

Teachable Fees on Top of the Plans

The plans (basic, professional and business) establish the access to the Teachable platform. However, there are some additional fees. 

teachable pricing review
You can see the differences in each of the plans for the fees here in this screenshot, or you can check them out at Teachable.com.

Teachable allows teachers to post their courses. When a student buys the course from the teacher through Teachable, there is a cost that the student pays for the course. Teachable collects that fee.

From that fee, Teachable collects some fees before distributing the remainder to the teacher. 

In Basic plan, there is a “transaction fee” and a “processing fee.” The transaction fee is waved in the Professional and Business plans. The other plans have a transaction fee that varies, but doesn’t exceed 5%. 

The processing fee is for processing the sales through debit, credit or Paypal, similar to what you’d expect for processing credit cards. All of the plans pay processing fees. 

Click here to learn more about Teachable fees. 

Does Teachable offer a free option? 


You can join Teachable for free. If you only host free courses, then you do not end up having to pay any fees of any kind, because no money is transacted. You can offer free courses in all of the plans, and there are no fees collected by Teachable for these courses. 

teachable pricing review

But if you do offer a paid course, you will have to pay the transaction and processing fee on monies collected.

So yes, there is a “Free” plan, but in the end it is not truly free.

If you are planning on offering paid courses, it would be reasonable to consider a paid plan. 

However, for some who are just getting started, the free plan might make sense until the course is making enough for the creator to afford the paid plan. 

Is Teachable the right option for you?

I would say that Teachable is an intermediate to advanced setup. If you are just starting out, and you don’t know how to drive traffic, you haven’t created many courses, and you don’t have a following of your own yet, then it might not make sense to start with Teachable. Or perhaps sign up with a paid plan, because it could take many months to build up enough skill and traffic to make your money back.

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Skillshare is a good option for folks who are just getting started. It costs nothing to get started, and you can utilize your two free months of Skillshare to consume the information you need to start driving traffic and build your following. 

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teachable pricing review

Teachable does a free Five Day “bootcamp” for new course creators, which provides tons of useful information to help jumpstart your internet teaching career.

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teachable pricing review

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