what are solo ads

What are solo ads? A Udimi Review

Today we at Better Sales Funnels are answering the question: what are solo ads? In this article, we will answer questions about solo ads, Udimi, pricing, buying solo ads, the Udimi affiliate program, and more.

what are solo ads

So, just what are solo ads?

A paid solo ad is simply an email. This email is sent by a “seller” to his or her own database of email addresses. The “buyer” is a person or company who wants to send said email to the seller’s list.

Generally, in the solo ad email, a link to a download or a website is included. The point of the solo ad email is to get the recipient, someone on the seller’s email list, to click on that link.

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what are solo ads
Finding a seller on Udimi is pretty quick with their filters. Simply st the range for the cost you are looking to pay, the timeframe that you want your clicks delivered, and the minimum approval rating you are looking for in a seller, and you are ready to go!

What am I paying for if I buy solo ads?

If I am a buyer of solo ads, I include a link in my proposal/request for solo ads. The seller is going to send my link to his list in an email form, and a certain number of people who receive his email will click on the link in the seller’s email. The “click” on the link is what you are paying for when you order a run of solo ads. 

The seller is very motivated to get people on her list to click on the link you send with your solo ad request. The seller will only get paid if and when the “clicks” occur. If she cannot deliver the clicks, she cannot get paid.

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What are solo ad clicks?

Solo ads are generally sold on a “per click” basis. Generally, you will order a batch (or run) of clicks from a solo ad seller or vendor. The range of clicks for a solo ad run is broad. Some people will only order a small run of clicks at a time, either because they want to test out the seller, the quality of traffic, or how well their offer converts. Some sellers do not have big lists, so they will only contract for small orders to make sure they can deliver the number of clicks from their list. It is unusual for a run to be less than 50 clicks. 

How much do solo ads cost?

Some people will order large runs of clicks from a seller. If a buyer and seller form a good and profitable relationship (meaning the buyer gets lots of optins or sales as a result of the solo ad run and the seller gets to sell a lot of clicks), larger runs of 5,000 clicks to 10,000 clicks to a seller with a large list can happen. 

The cost per click is going to vary. You can find vendors selling clicks for as little as a few cents a click (so just a few dollars for 100 clicks), and others who sell clicks for a dollar or more. Sellers who have large lists, who have a lot of experience selling solo ads, who have lots of former customers who have provided positive reviews and testimonials, and who can confirm that their solo ads resulted in sales will definitely charge more.

Sellers who do not have a large list, who do not have a lot of experience, who cannot deliver “top tier clicks” (meaning clicks from the United States, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), and who do not have good testimonials or reviews will not be able to charge as much per click.

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Udimi Pricing?

As noted above, solo ad prices will vary, depending upon who you purchase your clicks from. However, you should know that when you order clicks through a solo ads marketplace like Udimi, you will pay a small fee when you order clicks, usually a few percent of your entire order. That transaction fee is added on top of your transaction, but you won’t see the charge until you see the transaction appear on your bank statement. 

Udimi Payment Methods

You can use a credit card or Paypal to pay for solo ads. Another perk is that if you are a Udimi affiliate, and you earn Udimi affiliate commissions, you can turn right around and put those commissions towards the purchase of additional solo ads. 

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How to order a run of solo ads from Udimi?

Once you select a seller, you will be taken to an order form page. The primary thing you need to provide is the link (where you want people to “click.”) This can be a tracking link (which I recommend, as further guard against getting send fraudulent traffic). By the way, Udimi has several technical guards to keep people from sending fake traffic (bots and such) to click on the link. Further, each of the “clicks” will show up in  your account, and you will be able to review the IP address, location and time of the click in your Udimi account.

If you are sent fake traffic (and you can prove it because you used a link tracking service such as ClickMagick, you can ask through Udimi to get a refund. 

Most sellers are adamant on Udimi about providing excellent service (delivering clicks quickly, and over-delivering by 20% or more). Their business relies upon getting good ratings. If you get bad service, most of them will simply refund your money rather than suffer a negative review on their seller profile. 

what are solo ads
what is solo ads

In the order form, you have the option to select “only top tier traffic” or mobile or desktop traffic only. These refinements of your order will generally push the price up 10 to 20 cents a click. 

You are not required to send ad text along with your link, but you are free to do so if you wish. Many solo ad buyers will leave it to the seller to write the ad copy. They do know their lists, after all. You generally will never see the email that was sent to the list, so you will have no idea if the seller used your initial ad text or not. 

You can choose when the seller starts to send out your link to her list, or you can allow him or her to start early. Once she starts, she will generally have a limited time to get the contracted for clicks–100 hours.

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What is the Udimi affiliate program and how do I join it?

Udimi has a fairly generous affiliate program. You can quickly sign up to be a Udimi affiliate once you have signed up to get your free Udimi account. You simply click the “affiliates” tab on the top of the webpage and getting your link is straightforward. Udimi affiliates are paid 15% of their referrals’ orders. 

what are solo ads
what is solo ads

Other questions you might have…

Is Udimi legit? Is Udimi worth it? what is solo ads? Udimi how to use?

Udimi is a legitimate marketplace to buy traffic for your offers. Keep in mind though, that it is not the end all to your traffic issues, if you are having them. You don’t control the traffic until you have the sign-up to your email list. I certainly wouldn’t send the clicks to a link where I didn’t collect the email, because you will completely lose your investment if the customer views the offer and doesn’t buy. Another suggestion is to put a pixel on the page so you can also retarget this customer via other methods. Either way, if you can’t remarket to a customer who doesn’t buy right away, you are wasting money.

But ultimately, every internet business and marketer should know what solo ads are and be proficient with using them. 

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In closing…

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