What Does ClickFunnels Cost?

DATE: Clickfunnels has announced some major changes to its platform in September of 2019. I have created an up date article summarizing those changes here: https://bettersalesfunnels.com/clickfunnels-review-2019/

In this article, we will answer the question, “What does Clickfunnels cost?”

We will cover the various pricing options to subscribe to ClickFunnels, a rapidly expanding SAAS (software as a service) platform, which offers a drag and drop web funnel builder to quickly build landing pages, sales pages, and funnels.

what does clickfunnels cost

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What are the ClickFunnels membership options and what does ClickFunnels cost?

There are two tiers of tools in ClickFunnels, the “standard suite” and the “Etison Suite.” 

The standard suite costs $97/month. 

The Etison Suite costs $297/month.

You can get a 50% discount on the Etison Suite if you purchase the Funnel Hacks System, which we have previously reviewed as the best deal on Clickfunnels. 

What are the features with each suite?

With the standard suite, you get access to the following features:

  • Free setup
  • page hosting
  • unique visitors of 20,000/month
  • landing page builder
  • professional themes and templates
  • split testing options
  • page and funnel builder
  • draft and drop editting
  • one click downsells/upsells
  • optin pages
  • membership sites
  • webinar funnels
  • unlimited contacts
  • clickpops
  • and more…

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With the Etison Suite, along with the standard tools, you get access to the tools ClickFunnels calls “Actionetics” and “Backpack.” 

Actionetics Includes:

  • advanced contact list management
  • autoresponder
  • unlimited emails per month
  • complete CRM (customer relationship management)
  • email broadcasts
  • marketing automation sequences
  • email performance tracking
  • lead scoring
  • advanced email editor
  • and more…

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With Backpack, you get:

  • an affiliate system to help sell your products
  • multiple tier commissions options
  • impressions, clicks, and conversions tracking
  • unlimited affiliates
  • unlimited offers

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How does Funnel Hacks get me the best price for ClickFunnels?

what does clickfunnels cost

As noted above, we take the position that the Funnel Hacks system is the best price for ClickFunnels, delivering the Etison Suite at more than 50% off, plus loads of bonus training, including:

  • Six months of the Etison Suite at the reduced price
  • Six week Funnel Hacks Masterclass
  • Instant Traffic Hacks
  • Inception Secrets (copywriting)
  • Email sequences

As of 9/24/18, Funnel Hacks costs $997. That reduces the Etison Suite from $297/month down to $166/month. 

You can sign up for Funnel Hacks by clicking HERE.

Six months of the standard suite (plus an autoresponder will cost you $700 for six months. Six months of the Etison Suite will cost you $1700+ dollars. 

For these reasons, Funnel Hacks is easily the best way to get the most value when you are getting started with ClickFunnels.

You can sign up for Funnel Hacks by clicking HERE.

EDIT: in 12/2018. ClickFunnels closed the Funnel Hacks package, and is now offering the Funnel Builder Secrets package, which has tons of training and opportunities for discounts on the product. Click here to read our pricing guide of Funnel Builder Secrets.

How do I get started?

You can sign up for Funnel Hacks by clicking HERE.

Or, you can try ClickFunnels for free. If you decide you like the software and feel prepared to move forward with the service, you can always select the Funnel Hacks option at a later date. 

Click Here to try ClickFunnels for free.

If you are on the fence about Funnel Hacks, you should check out the free Funnel Hacks webinar that Russell Brunson (CEO of ClickFunnels) put together. He talks more about ClickFunnels, and the value of the bonuses.  You can get access to the webinar by clicking here.

Other Bonuses if you get started now…

ClickFunnels is currently offering all of its subscribers free access to a few valuable trainings: Funnel Builder Secrets (lite) and Traffic Secrets. Both of these courses are packed with value. If you’d like to see the inside of these courses, check out the look-around video posted below:

Get access to these valuable trainings today for free!

In closing…

I say fairly frequently that anyone who is new to business or sales should read DotCom Secrets. This is a VERY affordable resource that is packed with information that you need as a new internet entrepreneur. Russell Brunson wrote DotCom Secrets as a lead magnet for this other products (ClickFunnels, Inner Circle coaching, etc). In doing so, he practiced what he preached. Instead of handing out a freebie of little value, he created a product of very significant value, and is providing it at a very reasonable price (free, pay only shipping).

In DotCom Secrets, Brunson breaks down some very important business concepts. He discloses how and where he starts when he is considering a new product (client first, product last). In addition, he describes at length how he positions HIMSELF as the seller of his products. 

For those of you who are looking for more affordable training, feel free to visit our Resources page. There are links for Funnel Fridays (free), the Marketing Secrets Blackbook (free) and some other really useful materials.

I frequently recommend Funnel Fridays. Funnel Fridays is a free weekly presentation. Russell Brunson goes live, on camera. The show is unscripted, and he builds out a funnel with all of the Funnel Fridays subscribers watching. He talks through the construction process as it happens. Your free subscription gives you access to upcoming episodes, and all of the previous ones as well. The archives are a nice place to pick up useful knowledge about funnel building and online business. 

Click Here to get access to Funnel Fridays on the BSF Resources page. 

The Marketing Secrets Blackbook is a neat free product. Russell Brunson had his team take his 99 best podcasts and pull the best tips, tricks, thoughts, and advice. Those snippets were compiled into an ebook, which you can get access to for free. It is an instant download, with no other upsells. When you request your download, you are also provided with a copy of the podcast binge guide, so you can find the best podcast episodes that fit your experience level and journey. 

Click Here to get access to the Marketing Secrets Blackbook on the BSF Resources page. 


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