What Exactly Is ClickFunnels?

DATE: Clickfunnels has announced some major changes to its platform in September of 2019. I have created an up date article summarizing those changes here: https://bettersalesfunnels.com/clickfunnels-review-2019/

In this article on Better Sales Funnels, we will be answering the question, “what exactly is ClickFunnels?

Before we go on, here is a quick video walk-through of the inside of what ClickFunnels product:

Here’s the basics…

ClickFunnels is a web-based software. (A web-based software means that there is nothing for you to download or put on your computer). You pay a fee to have access to the web-based software, and you can access your account by logging in with your username and password.

what exactly is clickfunnels
This is where you keep all of your projects. Want to work on a particular site? The main portal makes it easy to access each one quickly. No separate accounts, no logging on and off. 

People frequently search google to figure out what a “click funnel” is. ClickFunnels does not have a specific “click funnel” product, nor, to our knowledge, does any other company. ClickFunnels allow users to create funnels of all kinds, but there’s no specific type of funnel that is a “click funnel.” 

(Although, now that we think about the “click funnel” concept, we suppose you could create and name a funnel focused on getting users to click-through or take some specific action in the funnel by clicking a “click funnel.” Generally though, that would apply to every single funnel on the internet! Every funnel has the purpose of getting users to “click.” 

The ClickFunnels origin story…

ClickFunnels is the brainchild of online marketer Russell Brunson. Brunson spent several years (starting in college) learning to sell products online. He also started developing and launching software.

Over the years, Brunson sold everything, from shakes and supplements, to consulting and coaching. ClickFunnels was born out of his frustration with the traditional methods of developing online sales pages and websites. It was too expensive…and too slow. He imagined a software product that anyone could use. That HE could use (not having coding or web design skills). He outlined his plan, and with his partner, developed this powerful sales funnel software. 

ClickFunnels launched in 2014. In three years, the company had grown to 55,000 users and had earned more than $100,000,000. It is one of the fastest growing non-venture backed software companies in the world. 

Make your pages and funnels in a flash…

ClickFunnels is product that its members use to create webpages quickly. There is no coding (think hmtl).

You can click on a template, and within seconds, the template is available on your screen to edit. Once you have finished editing it, you can share the link and other people outside of ClickFunnels can access it.

If you want, you can use a domain that you already own so that when people type in youname.com, people go to your new ClickFunnels page.

what exactly is clickfunnels
This is the editing screen which shows you all of the pages in your particular product. Just select the page you want to edit, and the page is launched in the editor. 

what exactly is clickfunnels
This is an inside look at the editor. Whatever you want to edit, you click and then do what you need to do to it (add copy, make the box larger or smaller, change colors, etc).

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ClickFunnels is more than just the software…

At its core, ClickFunnels is the software. But once you enter the ClickFunnels world (as we have), you see that it is much more than a product. Russell Brunson (company CEO) focuses on creating an inclusive atmosphere of online entrepreneurs. As a result, users are what we could call “rabid” about the community and the product. The software/company is barely three years old, but they have more than 60,000 users and their social media community is closing on 200,000+. 

what exactly is clickfunnels

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is also super beefy (big commissions and a dream car payment). ClickFunnels offers a valuable (and free) affiliate onboarding training. These offerings definitely encourage the excitement about the product and users’ loyalty to it. 

ClickFunnels Pricing: What are the membership options and what does ClickFunnels cost?

ClickFunnels offers two tiers of tools. The basic tool (called the “standard suite”) is $97/month. The premium tool (called the “Etison Suite”) is $297/month.

what exactly is clickfunnels

With the standard suite, you get access to the following features:

  • free initial setup
  • no additional charge for page hosting
  • 20,000/month page visitors
  • landing page builder
  • split testing 
  • professional themes and templates
  • page and funnel builder
  • upsells/downsells templates
  • optin pages
  • clickpops
  • webinar funnels
  • membership sites
  • drag and drop editing
  • and more…

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what exactly is clickfunnels

With the Etison Suite, you get all of the features of the standard suite plus Actionetics and Backpack.

Actionetics is an additional tool that will allow you to communicate with your audience and customers. It comes with an autoresponder, and you can:

  • broadcast emails
  • organize your customers and contacts
  • automate your marketing sequences and target contacts by their behavior
  • score your leads
  • and more…

Backpack is an additional tool that will allow you to have affiliates for your products. You can provide links to your affiliates with Backpack, and the system will track the links and sales, and then assist you to manage the payouts to each individual affiliate. 

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Is there a way to get a discount on ClickFunnels?

There are some steep discount options with ClickFunnels. Below, we talk about the Funnel Hacks and Funnel Builder Secrets packages. 

But you can also get ClickFunnels for as low as:

Funnel Hacks System: 55% off (and our recommended startup package)

If you sign up for the Funnel Hacks System, you can get more than 50% off of the price of the Etison Suite.

what exactly is clickfunnels

With Funnel Hacks, you will get the following:

  • Six months of the Etison Suite (including Actionetics and Backpack)
  • Six Week Funnel Hacks Masterclass (master optin, sales, webinar and membership funnels)
  • Instant Traffic Hacks (learn shortcuts to massive traffic)
  • Inception Secrets (copy/paste sales scripts for your funnels)
  • SOAP and Seinfeld email sequences (emails and sequences that convert subscribers to buyers)

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EDIT: in 12/2018, ClickFunnels discontinued the Funnel Hacks package. In its place, ClickFunnels offers the Funnel Builder Secrets package, with discounts and tons of high quality training. Click Here to read more about Funnel Builder Secrets. 

Funnel Builder Secrets (powerful, powerful, powerful stuff)

You can also get a discount on ClickFunnels with one of the Funnel Builder Secrets packages. These packages are BEEFY. They have just about everything Funnel Hacks has plus more. These packages give you the option to pay for 12 months of ClickFunnels at once, funnel building training, driving traffic training, 12 months of Funnel Scripts, and even one-on-one coaching. 

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ClickFunnels onboarding…

Let’s chat quickly about the best way to get started with ClickFunnels. If you are ready to get started, you can get a 14-day trial of ClickFunnels. When you sign up, you will be presented with the option to trial the basic tool suite or the premium tool suite. We recommend that you trial the premium tool suite, regardless of whether you intend to use it in the future or not. 

It is the same price, after all.

Once you have your account, there are a handful of things we think you need to do in order to get the most out of your ClickFunnels trial and initial experience with the software:

Find your community…

  • Immediately find your community. Go to the ClickFunnels Facebook group page and request to join. Once inside, post questions about the best closed Facebook group to join. The main Facebook group is quite large, and it is hard to get a personalized experience. But once you join a smaller group (think 300-2,000 members), it is much easier to get to know people and build confidence to ask your questions.

Start the training videos right away…

  • Start the training videos right away. ClickFunnels is currently offering Funnel Builder Secrets (lite) and Traffic Secrets for free to users. This is a valuable set of courses, with tons of useful information. If you wait to start these videos, (and the other training available from ClickFunnels), you will get up against the end of your trial and you won’t be well-prepared to make a decision about whether the product is a good one. While ClickFunnels is powerful and easy to use, it can be intimidating for people getting started because of the sheer number of things it does. People cancel their ClickFunnels accounts at the conclusion of the trial often because they don’t yet have an idea of what they would do with the account. 

Build some funnels…

  • Start building funnels. Like right away. From day one. Just build a funnel and another and another. “Archive them” (meaning delete them) once you are done with them if you don’t want to keep them in your account. You’ll be light years ahead of most users who open an account and then stare at the editor and options. If you feel overwhelmed, it’s because you need to dig in and GET STARTED. 

Launch a funnel…

  • Launch a funnel. Any funnel. Make it an email capture page. Or a product page. Something. ANYTHING. This will dramatically increase your confidence as a funnel builder and teach you so much more about the product. Lots of people build funnels 75% to completion, but fail to launch them. In this case, done is better than perfect. You will have zero chance of making any money or achieving your goals with ClickFunnels if you don’t launch a funnel. 

Did we answer your question: what exactly is ClickFunnels?”

Thank you for reading our ClickFunnels review! Did we answer your questions? If not, leave us a comment and tell us what else you think you need or want to know! We love creating content around our users.

In closing…

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For those of you who need access to more affordable resources, visit the Better Sales Funnels Freebies page. In that page, we’ve placed links for Funnel Fridays (free), the Marketing Secrets Blackbook (free) and some other really useful materials.

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