What Is A Click Funnel?

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we answer the question, “What is a Click Funnel?

what is a click funnel
ClickFunnels is the software used to create “click funnels.”

Answer: Click Funnel and ClickFunnels

A “click funnel” is a sales funnel, created specifically by a software produced and sold by a company named ClickFunnels.
(By the way, a “sales funnel” is just a word that describes the online sales experience, step-by-step, from ad all the way through to sale).

ClickFunnels is a web page, landing page, and sales funnel building software. It’s users click to drag and edit the elements in the Etison Editor (the page builder) to create their desired page (or funnel).

what is a click funnel
Building a “click funnel” inside of ClickFunnels.

Previously, online entrepreneurs and business owners had to hire tech experts to create these complex web pages to sell products. These experts had all the knowledge and experience to put together the sales experience. The team took care of the integrations. Outside of the owners control, their contractors incorporated the email autoresponder. The team sourced and installed the payment gateways. A business owner could only sit and wait.

Web-based software companies like ClickFunnels have changed the game. No longer do tech experts own the market on building pages to sell products and services on the internet. It used to cost thousands upon thousands of dollars and take months to get a working sales funnel. With software like ClickFunnels, you can bring a product to the online market in minutes, without having to hire an expensive tech team to do it.

ClickFunnels is not the only software out there which can quickly build and launch sales funnels. Other companies like Builderall, Karta, Instapage and others give users the ability to quickly build and launch web-pages and funnels.

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what is a click funnel
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