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Landing Page? What is that?

What is an email landing page? Great question. An email landing page can come in many forms.  But often you see it as a solo or standalone web page that has a purpose, and only one purpose. That is to convert.

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The reason it is sometimes called an “email landing page” is that it is usually reached after a potential customer clicks on the link to the page from an email the customer received.

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When I say “convert” I mean achieve the goal of the page. The goal could be collecting information about you. Or, it could be getting you to sign up for a newsletter. It could be to get your money in the form of a purchase or subscription.

What is a landing page used for?

Online entrepreneurs are using landing pages like these to make money. Usually, the landing page contains the most persuasive portion of the entire sales funnel. This is the seller’s chance to snag you and your attention, and perhaps have a chance to get your money. 

Some landing pages are very simple. They might just show the product and an order form. Or they might have testimonials, extensive copy, photos, and contact forms. 

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Elements of great landing pages…

Great landing pages will have a combination of some the following elements:

  1. A compelling headline with the strong words. Examples: “you,” “your,” “today,” “exclusive,” “top,” “secrets” or “free” containing a clear benefit to the customer.
  2. A great offer that is clearly explained with minimal copy.
  3. The minimum of form fields necessary.
  4. An attractive, appealing image that relates to the offer.
  5. Few or no extra links (such as the Home Page link, Social Media buttons, linked Company Logo, Support, Navigation Menu, Contact Us or For More Information) to give the customer a chance to sneak away from the offer.
  6. FAQ if necessary right on the page.
  7. Something like a countdown timer to convey scarcity and urgency.
  8. Bright and big CTA (call-to-action) button, in a color not used anywhere else on the page.
  9. Bios or information about the company to build some trust/rapport, otherwise why should the customer think this is a great product.

But ultimately, you have to have a great offer. It doesn’t matter how good your email landing page is if you aren’t offering something your customer wants. Start there, and the rest will flow from it.

How do I create a landing page?

The tool we recommend that you use is called ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a massively powerful web-based software. Even a novice entrepreneur with ZERO coding or web design skills can create and launch a landing page (or website or funnel) in minutes.

The advertised pricing plans vary, but if you are sneaky you can get ClickFunnels at a significant discount, which we show you how to do here: How To Get ClickFunnels For Only $19 per Month.

Here’s a quick walk through video of ClickFunnels:

In closing…

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Here’s a video about how you can sneak into a great course to build funnels (and landing pages):

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