What is ClickFunnels used for?

In this article on Better Sales Funnels, we answer the question, “what is ClickFunnels used for?”

what is clickfunnels used for

First, lets talk about what ClickFunnels is. Clickfunnels is a SAAS (software as a service). It is completely web-based, meaning you do not have to download the software onto your device to use it. This service charges you a monthly fee to use the product, and you access it by logging in with a unique username and password.

If you want to see more about how quickly you can build pages, here is a quick video walking through how to build pages and funnels quickly in ClickFunnels:

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Tell me more about the product: what are the membership options and what does ClickFunnels cost?

The first thing you need to know is that there are two suites, standard and “Etison.” The standard suite costs $97/month and the Etison suite costs $297.

There is an option to subscribe in a package (with tons of awesome bonuses) to get ClickFunnels for more than 50% off with the Funnel Hacks System. We recommend this option all the time because the value of the package is really incredible.

You can also get ClickFunnels for $19/month. Unfortunately, we don’t recommend this option often because the features are so limited. But it can be attractive for folks are just getting started. We talk about it briefly in another post we wrote recently, which you can access here.   In that post, you can get access to three free sharefunnels to get your $19/month account started.

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What can I do with ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a vehicle. Consequently, it is only as valuable as the person using it. It will do as much as the person who is using it wants to do. If you want to go fast, ClickFunnels will take you fast. When you want to go big, ClickFunnels will take you big. If you buy the tool and do nothing, it will do nothing and you will feel like you have wasted your money. 

Practically, here are the things the tool features allow you to do:

  • host your pages and funnels all in one place
  • bring in 20,000 plus visitors a month (unlimited with Etison Suite)
  • build landing pages
  • split test
  • quickly build sales funnels
  • quickly launch products
  • incorporate downsells and upsells
  • use clickpops
  • create membership sites

If you have access to these tools, you can sell products, and services. Additionally, you can use the tools to get your first clients, get more clients, serve your existing clients better. In addition, it helps you automate your business, build your email list, make money while you sleep, build your brand, become well known, have the life you want. 

But again, without you at the helm, ClickFunnels will not to any of this. 

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In Closing…

Are considering ClickFunnels? Maybe you aren’t quite prepared to get started? We suggest that you consider starting with Russell Brunson’s DotCom Secrets. This is a valuable resource he is selling for only the cost of shipping. Click Here to read my review of DotCom Secrets.

Check out my recent YouTube video about a sneaky way you can get access to a powerful course to learn to build funnels and then drive traffic to them:

Good luck!!

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