what is dotcom secrets

What is DotCom Secrets?

Question: What is DotCom Secrets? 

what is dotcom secretsAnswer: DotCom Secrets is a sales and marketing manual written by millionaire sales and marketing mogul Russell Brunson. Brunson pulls back the veil on his sales and marketing techniques. These net him millions and millions of dollars annually. DotCom Secrets is a valuable book for people who are looking to get into sales and marketing.

But, I want to go beyond that and say that it is vital for those who want to get into selling physical products, and services like coaching. Having done online stores and coaching, I say that my whole entire approach to both sectors was re-aligned when I read it. The book is incredibly affordable for what it contains. It costs only a few dollars to order and have it delivered to your door. They call it a “free plus shipping” offer. This is a nice way of saying that it doesn’t cost all that much.

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Most people are doing it wrong…

Having read it, I see now that most people who are entering the online marketplace are doing it wrong. Generally, they start with the product or service they want to offer. Then, they create the mechanism to deliver that product or service to the customer.  Only then, finally, do they go looking for the customer.

Brunson starts with his dream customer. Once his avatar is established, he researches where to find that customer. Having chosen his customer and discovered where he can find them, he then creates the mechanism to deliver a product/service to that customer. After all this is done, he picks the product. Given that he is a millionaire and the rest of us are struggling to sell plastic crap from the other side of the world, I’d say its worth checking out.

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