what is funnel scripts

What is Funnel Scripts?

What is Funnel Scripts? In this Funnel Scripts review, we talk about this copywriting software that writes your sales copy for you, at the touch of a button.

what is funnel scripts

It helps you create the following:

  • video sales letter scripts
  • headlines
  • email scripts
  • CTA copies
  • sales copies
  • ad copies
  • product descriptions
  • lead capture scripts
  • webinar optin scripts
  • and more….

This is a very valuable resource for entrepreneurs and business owners who have a great product, but not a ton of experience in selling it through the written word. It is also very valuable for the price…most people getting started in a business don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at a professional copywriter.

Sure, you can certainly hire a copywriter on Upwork or Fiverr, but it is hard to count on the product that you will receive. Many of us have gotten discount product at a discount price. Some of us even received legal complaints because the hired contractor STOLE copy from other sites and presented it as original work.

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Why Is Funnel Scripts so Important To My Online Business?

Funnel scripts creates copy. Copy is the message that your customers review and receive when they are evaluating whether to purchase your product or services. The words on the website, on the actual page itself, help your customer make a decision. BUY. Or press the BACK button.

For people who are new to business, having the best possible copy on the page is vital. Most new businesses don’t have the necessary social proof. They don’t have testimonials. They don’t have the TRUST of their potential customers. All they have is the website, the images, the information. The WORDS. 

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Too often, the actual words on the page are an afterthought. Time and effort, sometimes countless hours, are put into the development of the product and the selling vehicle (the site). The images of the product are on the page. The cart is ready, and Paypal is enabled.

But the words, the selling, the MESSAGE? This is where many new entrepreneurs struggle. Many come from the development side of things, not sales or marketing. They have a great product, but now that it is time to sell it, they don’t know HOW. 

Think of Funnel Scripts as a leg-up. You will learn how to sell your product. If your product is a good one, you’ll gain social proof. Shares on social media. Video testimonials. The copy won’t matter quite so much (although it will still be important). But in the beginning, the copy will be critical. 

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Scripts is an affordable alternative to thousands of dollars of dollars in legal fees, or to hiring a professional copywriter. Certainly, it is not free, but we know that you often get what you pay for when you pay nothing. 

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Update: As of October 2018, Funnel Scripts cost $497. This price was increased in 2019 to $797.

Funnel Scripts costs $497/year, which breaks down to just about $40 a month. With your 12 month subscription, you also get the Perfect Webinar Wizard, the Star, Story, Solution Wizard, Fast Funnel Templates and Funnel Script Blueprints. 

what is funnel scripts

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How does Funnel Scripts Work?

Funnel Script is a tool which is easy to use. When you decide that you need something, be it a headline, sales letter, email script, you select the product that you want, and a fill-in form pops up. You answer the questions and submit. And just like that, the program spits out an editable script that you can change and customize further for your product and objective.

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What is Funnel Scripts and Why Use Funnel Scripts?

This is a tool to grow your business. It is easy to use, and fast. In the nascent stages of business, using a product like Funnel Scripts will force you to focus your core message, and develop a better sales pitch to your audience. This is a critical component of business success. The scripts are editable, so you can tweak and change them to see how the differences impact your objectives. You will also get training videos to help you learn to use the product and live monthly trainings to boost your overall business saavy. 

I will say, in full disclosure, some of the scripts are going to need to be edited. You will have to look over each script to make sure that it is 100% ready to be deployed in your business. 

If you are curious about Funnel Scripts, but you aren’t sure if you are ready to commit one way or another, check out this free webinar. You can get the most up to date ins and outs of the software, and see firsthand how it works, directly from the company that created it.

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In closing…

I tell everyone who will listen that they should read DotCom Secrets. This is a very affordable book that provides so much valuable insight to sales and marketing. 

If you are looking to get started making money online, feel free to visit our Sales and Marketing Resources page to get access to some really affordable resources (free or very cheap).

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