What is Samcart?

In this article from Better Sales Funnels, we answer the question: What is Samcart?

what is samcart

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Samcart is…

Samcart is an online software, brought to market by Brian Moran. It is primarily a software that allows users to quickly (within minutes) set up and launch simple and professional sales pages and shopping carts. 

There’s nothing to download to any of your devices. This software is used by folks who transact business online. There are tons of different types of SAAS products that can be used to sell products (SAAS means “Software As A Service”). Samcart is a product aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs who sell one or only a few services at a time.

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How Does Samcart Work?

Samcart aims to make the process of getting a product launched online as simple as possible. The company claims that a product can be launched in five minutes. While it’s probably possible, it’ll probably take most people more like 30-45 minutes once they are familiar with the system.

To sell a product, here’s what you’d do to get it online:

  1. Select the option to add a new product;
  2. Choose the payment structure (one time versus subscription type payments)
  3. Choose the template and customize it 
  4. Add your order bumps, OTOs (one-time-offers), coupons, integrations
  5. Launch. 
what is samcart

It also integrates with tons of the popular online business platforms, like Paypal, Stripe, Teachable, Zapier, Aweber and more. 

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Who uses Samcart?

Samcart is a product that has a low learning curve. This makes it an ideal jumping off spot for beginners who are just getting started online. A beginner with a product to sell can get the product online in a short amount of time, without a ton of headaches. 

Samcart is used by beginners, experts, and anyone in between. The ideal Samcart customer is someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time crafting the sales page and checkout page. This could be because the user lacks the experience to know how to craft a good sales page, or because he just doesn’t like doing it. 

If you are familiar with Better Sales Funnels (this site), you know that we are rabid, rabid ClickFunnels fans. We love the power and versatility of ClickFunnels. However, one criticism that we do have (well, we have more than one), is that it is A LOT for someone new to the software and new to online business. It takes a long time to really use it well, simply because there is SO MUCH. 

what is samcart
Samcart offers tons of training articles and videos. 

ClickFunnels is just SO much that many new users end up frozen and fail to take action because they are spending all their time learning how to use the product. This is not the fault of ClickFunnels, their product is really amazing. But a beginner can get lost. Samcart is a powerful tool that is also simple, which is why we recommend it for beginners.

Learn more about ClickFunnels (or try for free for 14-days).

Click here to try Samcart for free.

what is samcart

What does Samcart cost?

Samcart has two plans.

The “Pro” plan costs $99/month. With the Pro plan, here’s what you get:

  • pre-made checkout templates
  • easily add testimonials, badges and other signs of trust
  • unlimited products
  • built in credit card processing
  • one-time payments, subscriptions, trials and payment plan options
  • stats and reports
  • cart abandonment and recovery
  • webhooks
  • checkout pops
  • coupons
  • SSL certificates and HTTPS 
  • 1-click upsells
  • cross selling order bumps
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Support
  • no need for a separate website or hosting
what is samcart

The Premium plan is the second plan. This costs $199/month. With the Premium plan, you get all of the assets of the first plan. On top of that, you’ll get:

  • Subscription Saver (customers can easily update credit car info)
  • Affiliate Center (Create affiliate links so that each affiliate has their own unique link to send traffic to your offers. You can also make restricted private affiliate links, so that only the affiliates you select have access to the private offer)

Samcart templates are mobile responsive, support multiple langues, and are SSL encrypted to protect your customers. 

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Samcart Free Trial

You can try Samcart for free for 14-days. There’s no contract, no long-term subscription. Try it for 14 days, and cancel without questions if you don’t like it. 

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Samcart is not for…

Do you love designing webpages? How about fussing over colors, structure, images, and columns? Are you looking to create a very extensive funnel with tons of upsells and downsells? Do you have hundreds of products you want to sell? 


If you want more versatility, Samcart isn’t for you. We recommend ClickFunnels 100%, which costs about the same per month ($97/month for the basic plan, with a 14 day free trial).

Find out more about ClickFunnels at our review article: https://bettersalesfunnels.com/what-exactly-is-clickfunnels/

Want to learn more about Samcart?

Samcart offers an auto-webinar about their products and a demo of the sofware. If you are curious, check them out:

Click here for the Samcart auto-webinar

Click here for the Samcart demo

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