What is Skillshare Premium?

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What is Skillshare Premium

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First of all, what is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online learning/teaching website. Students subscribe to the platform and receive access to the entire course catalog, rather than just one course at a time. (Think of Netflix). Payments can be made monthly or yearly, but the payments continue either way as long as you still subscribe to the platform. Access to the catalog terminates when the student cancels his subscription.

Compare Udemy, which is a pay-per-course platform. Students buy one course at a time for a fixed, one-time fee. Access to the course continues usually indefinitely. 

So, what is Skillshare Premium?

There are two types of classes on Skillshare: free and premium. Anyone can access the free classes on Skillshare, by registering with their email address. 

The premium classes are restricted to those who are paying subscribers of Skillshare. So “Skillshare Premium” refers to the ability to access the paid classes within Skillshare.

What is the cost of Skillshare Premium?

What is Skillshare Premium

You can purchase Skillshare Premium on a monthly or yearly basis. You save close to 50% per month when you pay by the year.

By the month, Skillshare Premium costs $15.00. By the year, Skillshare Premium costs $8.25/month. 

There are also custom team payment options available, which can be arranged by contacting Skillshare reps. 

Is there a free trial of Skillshare Premium?

Skillshare rotates its offers to new subscribers on a regular basis. In the past, Skillshare has offered one month free of premium to new users. It has also offered two months of Premium for 0.99. 

If you use the link of an affiliate or Skillshare teacher (like me), you can get two months of Skillshare Premium for free. 

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What is Skillshare Premium
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