Why People Quit ClickFunnels

If you are a new member of the ClickFunnels community, you are probably still high on joining up, and wondering why people quit ClickFunnels?

why people quit clickfunnels

After all, ClickFunnels is a tool that purports to be the end-all, best tool ever, that makes people into millionaires! You might be in the process of immersing yourself in Russell Brunson’s awesome info-products (I love DotCom Secrets, by the way). If you belong to the Facebook group, you are treated to daily (if not hourly) screenshots of the latest rags-to-riches in seconds story using ClickFunnels.

What you might not know, is that the churn rate (meaning the percentage of people who join ClickFunnels and later cancel) is quite high. I can’t say for sure, but the rumble in the community is that the majority of users pay for the product for three-four months, then cancel. 

But why?

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Is it the product?

As a member of the ClickFunnels community, I can’t say that the product itself is the reason people quit. Instead, I think it has a lot to do what the frame of mind people have when they enter the ClickFunnels community. 

why people quit clickfunnels

ClickFunnels is a tool. Just another internet tool. Just like an autoresponder, shopping cart, or keyword research tool. But due to some really inspired (and aggressive) marketing strategies by the company and its affiliates, the is now a life raft. 

Here, grab this floaty (ClickFunnels)! If you do, your life (which is in the toilet, you are drowning) will be saved and everything will be wonderful!

Unfortunately, what people discover once they become ClickFunnels members, is that ClickFunnels is a tool. To be wielded. And that success (and millions of dollars) depends upon THEM. Not the tool. 

Not exactly the life raft they thought they were grabbing.

The ClickFunnels affiliate community is a vibrant one, partially because of the high commission rate (and dream car), but also because of the ClickFunnels community itself. Winning the dream car (100 subscribers) has become something of a status symbol. So much so that people have mortgaged their houses or spent all their savings to drive traffic to offers to win the car as quickly as possible. (Some people have done it over the course of a few weeks, which is frankly amazing since each subscriber goes though a 14-day trial). 

With all of these affiliates buzzing around promoting the product, it is not surprising that the competition has caused affiliates to push the limits of what could and should be said about the product. 


This is all unfair to the product, unfortunately. ClickFunnels is really a high quality product. People complain about the cost (the basic tool is $97/month, though secret discounts exist).

If you want to know about the secret discounts, click here.

But I think in most cases, the people who are complaining about the cost of ClickFunnels are the same people who aren’t making any money, and are expecting ClickFunnels to save them. Anyone who is full-time working on the internet, and is making money on the internet, is familiar with investing money in high quality tools. To produce high quality product in any business (on or offline) requires investment in high quality tools. Yet there is something about the internet where people think that using high quality tools is optional, or even a scam.

The people who are complaining about ClickFunnels aren’t making money. And that is NOT the fault of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is everything it says it is. You can build high quality landing pages and sales funnels fast. The product facilitates communication with your audience. It is simple enough for a beginner to master and utilize. The people who aren’t making money with ClickFunnels are the ones who aren’t building and launching funnels, who aren’t driving traffic, who aren’t creating awesome offers, who aren’t split testing and tweaking, who aren’t giving up.

But people who can’t run a business offline are quick to cry about the cost of ClickFunnels when they can’t run a business online. They start sounding a ClickFunnels Scam Alert. As if ClickFunnels took their money and failed to give them something they were promised. 


The pre-frame is the problem. ClickFunnels cannot control the pre-frame, meaning what people hear and see about ClickFunnels before they join. If affiliates were up-front and honest about ClickFunnels (and some are), the people joining would understand from the beginning the importance of developing a BUSINESS, rather than just belonging to the popular crowd. 

Russell Brunson’s cult-ure drives ClickFunnels. But it also drives that high churn rate. 

why people quit clickfunnels

ClickFunnels has recognized this problem, and has taken steps to try and do what it can to reduce that churn rate. The company has made several high quality trainings available for free to new users, to teach them to build high quality funnels and to drive traffic. I have said this before and I’ll say again that I think these trainings are worth the effort of signing up for the free trial (nothing paid up front) of ClickFunnels, especially the Traffic Secrets portion.

I cover what is inside of these trainings in the below video:

Will the churn kill the ClickFunnels craze?

Probably not. ClickFunnels is a juggernaut, that has barely scratched the surface of all the people in the world who want to and can afford to try it out. (How many people are born every day?) 

But it does make you turn and take a look at smaller companies like Samcart, which provides some of the exactly same services of ClickFunnels, albeit more quietly. 

why people quit clickfunnels

Samcart is a simple sales funnel builder that is easy for beginners to use. It provides high quality, and proven converting templates for the sales and checkout stages of the funnel. It takes the guesswork out of the equation for someone who is unfamiliar with online business.

Click here to try Samcart for free for 14-days.

But here’s the thing–I bet dollars to donuts that the churn rate with Samcart is lower. The reason? I think people are unlikely to sign up with Samcart without something to sell. Samcart is about selling and delivering a product, and its a tool that you’d seek out once you had a product or service to sell or deliver. 

People sign up for ClickFunnels all the time (in most cases, I think) without something developed to sell. It can take weeks or months to make decisions about what you want to sell.

Should you start with ClickFunnels?

I advise everyone new to online business and internet marketing to at least do the free trial. There is TONS to be learned from the ClickFunnels community. Having access to the training videos during the trial is a really sweet bonus. 

But if you are flat broke, with no plans to start or launch an online product….I don’t know that I could recommend that you subscribe to the tool beyond the 14-day trial. The trial could help you circle around and settle on a product or service to sell. But if you need a life raft or a band-aid to solve your financial problems, ClickFunnels isn’t going to help. 

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why people quit clickfunnels

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